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Vatted Malt Becomes Extinct Term for Whisky

So it seems that the term "vatted malt" is set to become a banned term for a specific whisky tonight.  Today ends an era – tomorrow a new dawn of whisky nomenclature happens.  For people like me who struggle with ...

Thornton’s Chocolate Liqueur – A Right Royal Tipple

Before Easter (as evidenced by the photos) I attended the launch of the Thornton’s Chocolate Liqueur. Now, I am a veteran of chocolate alcohol and I know just how badly wrong it can go. Trust me when I say you ...

Macallan Whisky and Artsan du Chocolat Whisky and Chocolate Pairing Event

A little while ago I went to a whisky and chocolate pairing. I’m not a big whisky drinker as I always saw it as a very unfeminine, masculine drink. The few tastings I have been to including the ...

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