Rubis Chocolate Wine Review

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rubis wineThis is my second chocolate wine, this time from Rubis. You may remember I described the first chocolate wine as a sweet red wine with added chocolate flavour. My over-riding memory was that powdery chocolate sensation you can get in some hot chocolates. Not bad but really meant for a curry dinner.

The website doesn’t say much about it – just that it is a fortified wine with notes of cherries and red fruits, can be enjoyed after dinner and it can be served at room temperature or over ice.

This is quite different. From the start you notice that is feels more like a fortified wine in the nose and mouth. There is a hint of citrus and the fortified wine holds the chocolate flavour well without becoming to sickly. A friend of mine and I enjoyed a small glass each of this and found it quite drinkable – even without curry!

I can definitely say it has notes of red fruits and that it is delicious and can be enjoyed on its own or with ice cream. Sweet but drinkable and something you’ll enjoy.

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  1. Chocolate Wine says:

    I used 2 heaped table spoons finely ground in coffee grinder for 30 bottles. Not much but it is a bitter kick of cocoa and needs sweetening. I like my flavours subtle and layered though.

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