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percol reuse cup I'm getting my FREE COFFEE in

FREE COFFEE at Old St Station from Percol Coffee – But Bring Your Own Cup

Dates : Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 April Timings: 7.30am - 6pm on Wednesday and Thursday and until 5pm on Friday Address: Unit 8, Old Street Roundabout, London, EC1Y 1BE This April, Percol Coffee will bring the world’s most sustainable coffee shop to ...

Olive Oil Mocca Chocolate Cupcakes Topped with a Goats Cheese Frosting

Olive Oil Mocha Chocolate Cupcakes Topped with a Goat & Cream Cheese Frosting

So after making a moist and fluffy cake with vegetable oil I thought it just might be possible to translate that cake into cupcake form and create moist fluffy cupcakes. The thing about chocolate cupcakes of any kind is that ...

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puro coffee

Puro Coffee – The Best Coffee You’ve Ever Had (and not realised it)

I was contacted by a coffee company I’d never heard of before called Puro. I had no idea what the coffee would be like but since I cover coffee, tea, chocolate, desserts, etc.  I thought I’d best give it a ...

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espresso coffee cupcakes

Espresso Coffee Cupcakes with Coffee Icing Recipe

Husband is an absolute coffee nut. He loves the 11 and 12 from Nespresso, he has powdered espresso he uses like instant coffee and has a milk coffee to help him sleep O.o So here is my recipe for espresso intense ...


Nespresso Maragogype Limited Edition Grand Cru Reviewed

I have to admit that the whole not having to clean grinds out of the machine is one of the main reasons we went with a Nespresso machine. My father has one and I’d used it on a visit home ...

nespresso decaffeinated arpeggio

Three New Nespresso Decaffeinated Grand Crus – Arpeggio, Volluto & Vivalto

I'm a decaf drinker and so from Nespresso I've only had three choices and of those, only one I liked. So you can imagine my excitement when I was told that there were three new decaffeinated grand crus. I wrote ...

London Coffee Festival Logo

London Coffee Festival Returns This Weekend

The coffee scene has become an integral part of the British high street, growing 10.7% in turnover to reach £7.2 billion in 2014. I love it, you probably love it and my office mates would riot if they had to ...

texture fish

I’m All About that Taste ‘Bout That Taste ‘Bout That Taste (not bitter) – just like Nespresso

OK - Don't give up the day job - I hear ya. In all seriousness though the people at Nespresso are passionate about taste, ethical beans and flavour. Oh and the way things hit the palate (i.e. taste). I was ...


Christmas with Nespresso Limited Edition Flavours

I'm not really a huge fan of flavoured coffee but when I was sent some I thought I'd go for it. I mean, what did I have to lose? Well the folks at Nespresso thought that they'd party up your ...

alma de cuba nespresso-compatable pods

Alma de Cuba Nespresso-Compatible Espresso Pods

I do not like using anything but Nespresso pods by Nespresso in my Nespresso machine. Not only is the machine an expensive self-purchase, but I'm brand loyal to Nespresso (and so is my husband). So it takes a *lot* to ...

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