I’m All About that Taste ‘Bout That Taste ‘Bout That Taste (not bitter) – just like Nespresso

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texture nespressoOK – Don’t give up the day job – I hear ya. In all seriousness though the people at Nespresso are passionate about taste, ethical beans and flavour. Oh and the way things hit the palate (i.e. taste). I was invited to a lunch where we had to guess the missing ingredient (I totally guessed right but was too shy to say) as a way of launching three new Grand Cru coffees.

Nespresso are always pushing the boundaries. As you can see from my review of the flavoured coffees over the holidays (which sold out before I could buy some as gifts!), Nespresso take taste and flavour seriously. Whether it is balancing the inherent notes in a bean with an added flavouring or, in the case of the Grand Crus, getting the most out of the bean, it is all about that taste.

One of the most misunderstood tastes is bitter. To me, because this is the way I was taught, bitter is the drying of the palate at the end of a taste experience. It is when, after having a piece of chocolate you might experience a drying and salivating not connected with a tingling of the cheeks. That’s bitter (and to me, unpleasant). Biter is often misunderstood as roasting or coffee notes or something similar in chocolate so it is always fun to taste coffee and pull the notes from that.

But we were here to try and identify what was missing as something was missing from our meal in every dish – we just didn’t know what…

texture chipsThe home made crisps were too beautiful to eat but what was missing from them? Hard to say as they and the bread were gorgeous. The bread came with olive oil and lava salt – yum!

An initial amouse bouche was served without us knowing what it was. Turned out to be pumpkin soup but we were getting notes of seaweed, hazelnuts, carrot, tomato and more. There was a splash of olive oil which fooled us all. But what was missing?

texture beetrootNext we had either scallops or beetroot. As you can see I opted for beetroot and boy was it interesting. You can see a yellow one, an almost white one and a deeply red one.  The dish was amazingly diverse with all sorts of flavours going on. Absolutely fantastic however I don’t know what is missing.

texture fishNext we moved on to fish. Everyone had the fish and no one opted for vegetarian but I opted out of the crustaceans (allergies) and as you can see, it was absolutely brilliant but here is where I started to suspect. I desperately wanted a dash of salt on my salted cod which tipped me off that either I use far too much salt in my cooking and food (I don’t) or salt was what was missing. I was right BTW – salt and butter and cream were missing but for me the butter and cream were less obvious.

testure frozenThen we had a palate cleanser before

texture ice creamWe had the most amazing dessert.

texture dessertIn addition to the dessert was this beautiful bowl of madeleines, macarons, chocolates and meringues.

nespresso new decafThis was all to launch Nespresso’s new decaf range of Grand Cru decaffeinated coffees. That means you get the same great flavour profile but without the caffeine. Apparently some people think that the caffeine is essential to the flavour of coffee but as Nespresso have proven, it absolutely isn’t. These decaf coffees are absolutely flavourful and although I went for a gentle roast I found I liked the darker roast because of the complexity of the flavour profile.

I am a die-hard fan of the Decaffinato Intenso from Nespresso and it is pretty much the only one I drink when I’m not reviewing things however it feels kind of limiting. My husband gets to enjoy a huge range of capsules and I am restricted to three – and use only one.

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  1. A meal without salt – interesting that they managed to create something so palatable. I love bitter flavours personally

  2. Interesting idea, I don’t think I’ve tried decaf coffee as I only drink it in iced versions but I ought to give it a go.

    • Judith Lewis says:

      I think I really missed the salt even with the salted cod. That probably is what made me miss it but not massively. The soup amouse bouche was lovely without salt and the main was also mostly lovely 🙂

      As to decaf – I only drink it and since I only liked Intensio from Nespresso I was stuck with one type. Now I have 4 so I’m kinda stoked 😀

  3. Katie Bryson says:

    I’m a huge salt fiend as I don’t have a very sweet tooth… so i’d have definitely missed it!!!! Good decaf coffees are a great find. I need my caffeine, but when i’ve OD’d on it it’s nice to be able to enjoy a flavourful cup without getting giddy towards the end of the day 🙂

  4. Rachel says:

    I have never cooked with salt, I have never felt the need to add it, though I know some people think it is slightly odd of me. I also gave up caffeine a year ago, though if I want a cup of tea I have one rather than having one for the sake of it.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    What a super event! It looks like it was a lot of fun; I would have loved experimenting with all those flavours. I’m using less and less salt these days as it causes me to retain water (and therefore affects the scales!). I’ve never tried Nespresso before – I will have to amend this!

  6. lisa prince says:

    oh i have to admit when it comes to seafood i have to have salt , something about seafood and salt pairing that has to be done, it all looks delightful though wow

  7. Harmony says:

    It’s funny how a witty/funny title makes you read something 🙂

    Great title!!!!

  8. The puddings look amazing and what an amazing play with flavours

  9. Laura Pearson-Smith says:

    Those homemade crisps look delicious 🙂

  10. I don’t tend to use salt as an ingredient much, but I do go heavy on salty ingredients like cheese and think I’d really miss it if it was absent entirely. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I do think decaf tea is horrid – please tell me someone is working on that next! 😉

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