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A collection of recipes of mainly stuff I have made

tear and share dough balls with dip

Tear and Share Dough Balls with Dark Chocolate Sauce

New independent research, commissioned by Callebaut shows that the traditional three meals a day no longer exist, instead 46% of consumers will eat out mid-morning, with 47% opting for mid-afternoon and 32% eating out late at night. With this shift ...

chocolate covered waffles

Chocolate Covered Waffle Bites Recipe – Breakfast Chocolate Treat

Callebaut is trying to get chefs to think differently about how they incorporate chocolate in to their desserts and to think outside dinner because while chocolate is a popular dessert, there's more to it than that. Chocolate is also proving ...

ultimate chocolate cupcakes

Best Chocolate Cupcake Recipe Ever with Ultimate Chocolate Frosting Recipe

This recipe is adapted from one Craig Sams, founder of Green and Blacks, created for his bakery. It uses real chocolate in both the cupcake *and* the frosting. It is a bit fiddly but I think it is well worth ...

Chocolate Salted Caramel Swiss Roll

Chocolate Salted Caramel Swiss Roll Roulade Recipe with UK & US Instructions

Ingredients 175g/6oz Green and Blacks, Divine or other high quality dark chocolate, finely chopped 6 eggs, separated 175g/6oz caster sugar (I use Billingdon's Golden Caster Sugar) 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (I use Nielsen Massey) 2 tbsp cocoa powder 300ml/10fl oz double cream Icing sugar (to roll in ...

Healthy Breakfast Muffins with Sweet Roasted Pears and White Chocolate Chips

Healthy Breakfast Muffins with Sweet Roasted Pears and White Chocolate Chips Recipe

When you are as busy as I am, having something I can grab and eat on the go is incredibly useful. These sort-of healthy breakfast muffins have delicious oats, sweet pears and yummy white chocolate chips. You do need proper ...

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Blueberry and White Chocolate Scones

Blueberry and White Chocolate Scones

What you need: 450g of self raising flour 2 tsp’s of baking powder 75g of softened butter (in cubes so cube while cold and allow to warm a bit) 50g caster sugar 2 large eggs around 225ml milk (note instructions below) 50g fresh Ontario blueberries (or whatever ...

boozy cupcakes

BallyCastle from Aldi Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe with Boozy Buttercream Frosting

With the frosting on these cupcakes you might blow over the limit ;-) Lovely chocolaty and boozy, the chocolate seems to really enhance the Ballycastle flavour. Makes 6 cupcakes What you’ll need to make these cupcakes: 70g Allinson Self raising flour 1Tbsp cocoa powder ...

Easy Cupcake Recipes for Kids

These kids' cupcake recipes will be absolute winners in your home. Whether you are making these cupcakes for kids to enjoy or you want to make them with your kids, they are fast, easy and deliciously moreish. There are some ...

Healthy Brownie Recipe (Brownie/Flapjack Combo)

Healthy brownies mean taking out a bit of sugar and adding in more healthy fibre and natural sugar (from the sweet dates). With just chocolate, sugar, flour and butter (essentially) a brownie is not terribly healthy (a brownie with a ...

curly wurly brownies

Curly Wurly Chocolate Caramel Brownies Recipe

I am really not comfortable making my own caramel and I have some epic failures of brownies I added caramel to so in an attempt to make caramel brownies I decided to give Curly Wurlys a try. This is a ...

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