Charbonnel et Walker Hot Chocolate Flakes Review

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Having started in an era when leaving the chocolates to dry on the roof was OK, Charbonnel et Walker grew into an establishment with a royal warrant.  Having several owners over the last generation, the shop has strayed little from its core values. In the last few years, Charbonnel et Walker have introduced some new flavours of late and so I decided to give their real hot chocolate flakes a try.

Everyone seems to recommend a different way of creating hot chocolate.  Here, I’ve got my real chocolate flakes and I’m adding hot water to them before whisking in milk.  Well, actually, given that an impromptu meeting happened while I was making it I stirred it with a spoon as I couldn’t access the whisk but still, had I been able to I would have.

There is a different flavour to this flaked hot chocolate to others I have tried so far. There is a slight flavour I always associate with coconut and makes me wish for some tiny marshmallows.  My favourite ones are the dehydrated ones you get in powdered hot chocolate – nummy!

All in all though, this hot chocolate is a nice drink.  The hot water before the hot milk is a good way to make it as it creates a paste before you add the warm milk, meaning the chocolate is easier to mix in to create a smooth drink.  I think though despite that I’d still give it a bit of a whisk.  Not as sweet as the HOD hot chocolate but sweeter than others, this is extremely drinkable and dangerous as a topping for cappuccinos, ice cream, pie, cakes, etc 😉

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  1. Jenna says:

    I so badly wanted to enjoy this but I just found it so weak, despite adding in an extra tea spoon. Did you add more chocolate? Mine just tasted like slightly flavoured milk!

    • Judith Lewis says:

      When I tried it, following the directions (note the amount of milk to chocolate) it was fine. I was careful with my measurements though as a whole mug is almost double the volume of milk that they recommend so you’d need to double the amount of chocolate flakes used. The House of Dorchester one was most popular at the office but I think it was also used on cereal whereas this one was saved for special 🙂

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