House of Dorchester Hot Chocolate Flakes

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hod hot chocolateYou know that 3pm slump that sometimes happen, especially if all you’ve had for lunch is a “light” Caesar salad and 2 slices of cheese (don’t judge – I’m trying to diet).  Well, I find it happens to me a lot and when you’re avoiding too much sugar (but not chocolate) it’s difficult to find something to nibble in the office that isn’t crisps/chips or biscuits/cookies.  So it was with some excitement that I opened the GIANT box from House of Dorchester containing two types of their hot chocolate.

hod hot chocolate flakesThe flakes I took out first because, frankly, I knew I could eat them without having to actually *make* the hot chocolate.  Oh don’t get me wrong – I did still make the hot chocolate, but I also sampled the hot chocolate flakes.  I sampled them carefully, first taking three pinches and a further two half teaspoons.  You know that guilty pleasure you get when you do something you’re not supposed to?  Ya – that was totally me 😉

So I took 200mL of milk, zapped it in the microwave and added four teaspoons of hot chocolate. I still stand by the whisk as ideal for hot chocolate but here used a spoon.  I think the 2min is too long for the 200mL of milk though as I had a bit boil over so maybe I’ll go to 1min45sec to heat the milk next time.  The melt was pretty much almost instant and it mixed in well even without a whisk.

hod hot chocolate flakes madeThe taste is pretty nice.  It is a hot chocolate made with s mix of dark and milk chocolate so you get a combination of the sweet and slightly darker.  In all likelihood these flakes will have a broad appeal and be under more than just a few trees this holiday season.  The tin is reusable, it is nice and brightly coloured and that makes it easy to find your hot chocolate in a cluttered cupboard.  The hot chocolate isn’t Kokoa Collection or Soma but it isn’t trying to be,  It is a delightfully appealing hot chocolate which is going to have mass appeal both as a snack (like the Sir Hans Sloane beads) and as a hot chocolate.  This is a safe choice for the holidays or for yourself.

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  1. Emma maunder says:

    Been Asda love the orange and fudge was disappointed with the marsh mellow one as didn’t look like the picture didn’t realise they melt into the hot chocolate in picture floating on top 🙁

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