Fudge Fancies White Chocolate Fudge Truffles and Chocolate Orange Disk

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fudge fancies champagne trufflesI love Fudge Fancies for a few reasons but the main one is they have soft fudge. I don’t discriminate against hard fudge but if you’re like me and let the fudge melt and roll it around your mouth and use your tongue and roof of your mouth to crumble it and taste it, hard fudge hurts and soft fudge is awesome.  Fudge Fancies makes lovely soft fudge but now they do more…

Fudge truffles and chocolate bars/disks are new additions to the Fudge Fancies line and I was honoured to be sent them to try.  While most chocolatiers come from a pastry chef background, Michael comes from a building background but has fudge in the blood, having been involved in its making from a young age.  His passion for fudge has led him to create new products such as these.

fudge fancies champagne truffles openThe fudge I got was a lovely sweet white chocolate fudge (I believe) and I think they were champagne truffles but the lovely lemon and lime slow dried zest gave them this amazing flavour of fruity citrus.  I loved these.  The white chocolate was soft when I tried them and the fudge was sweet but lovely and soft like a truffle.  These were fun to try and delicious sweetness.

fudge fancies chocolate orange diskThe dark chocolate disk was something else.  A thick dark slab of poured chocolate with slow dried orange *zest* on it and I believe in it as well.  The flavour of the chocolate was slightly hidden by the dark chocolate but who cares.  The lovely orange zest gave this chocolate a delightful deep orange flavour without it being too intense.  The orange zest meant no pith and no bitterness in the orange flavour.fudge fancies chocolate orange disk cut

How much fun is this!  Fudge truffles and a gorgeous dark chocolate orange treat.  Even husband loved it – perfect!


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2 Responses to Fudge Fancies White Chocolate Fudge Truffles and Chocolate Orange Disk

  1. Lot-O-Choc says:

    Fudge Truffles sound amazing! I love fudge fancies as well, so great to find a good fudge place up north for once yayy!

    • Judith Lewis says:

      The fudge truffles were a new one on me but they were delicious. I think any chocolate is likely to soften with time so the white chocolate was absolutely the right choice.

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