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moroco hot chocolateThere is a theme you’ve likely noticed.  Well, two for this post.  One these is that I’ve been reviewing a lot of hot chocolates lately. The other is that despite fearing for my very life (or at least a disapproving look) I continue to create these unsolicited reviews.  Since the owner doesn’t allow unsolicited reviews I can only imagine that they have a picture of me somewhere in a back room and are ready to refuse me entry should they catch me.  Given I was not alone on my latest foray into the heart of maybe and silver interior design that I am sure is stylish somewhere, I must have passed under the radar.

Reviews on Google of Moroco are not glowing.  I have no idea who the other people are but they have not been enjoying their visits.  Ones main complaint was the artificial colours in the macarons.  How can I contain my shock and horror.  No… really… can’t you see…. OK I’m being sarcastic but it does help back me up that despite the attempt at being posh, people want more than leather covered menus and weird interior design.  There has to be style *and* substance.  So with this in mind, and my latest dangerous mission in progress, I tried the hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate is no subtle affair.  As you can see, it comes with a number of elements: a cup, a chocolate, a pot of hot chocolate and a glass of whipped cream.  I tried the hot chocolate straight first.  It was thick, dull and lacklustre.  Having recently tried other hot chocolates I can say this was dull and lifeless.  Worse it left an oily coating on my lips.  Yuck.  I added whipped cream to it.  I got some on my nose and looked like a clown.  I mixed it in.  Still no improvement.

This was oily, sickly sweet hot chocolate which I am sure is appealing to a great many people.  That kind of sweet and yet thick hot chocolate seems popular and the rather posh service I’m sure appeals to many.  I think that given there is Soma hot chocolate in the same city, they could actually become something more than just a kind of funky style boutique and both support local industry *and* sell the best hot chocolate around by bringing in Soma as the hot chocolate they werved.  It would remain expensive but this time, there would be a top notch hot chocolate behind the price.

Moroco Chocolat have some good ideas in a great location but the quality is suffering.  If they would change out the lower quality Valrhona even for a higher quality they would immediately up the ante in the quality chocolate stakes by offering style *and* substance.

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