Win With Gu and Us Just Make Your Own Flavour!

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Win all this from Gu!Gu are running a competition right now where you could win a portion of the profits from a new flavour. Yes – that’s right – A PORTION OF THE PROFITS! Not just a bunch of Gu – but part of the profits!

My contribution is already on the blog HERE but why don’t YOU enter on their FACEBOOK PAGE HERE but HURRY as you only have until midnight July 7th

Not sure about the flavour? Just want to win some Gu? Well, Gu have given us £15 in Gu certificates for Gu Puds, a ticket holder if you’re a commuter like me or an Oyster Card holder if you’re a Londoner, and a lovely spoon to eat all that Gu with with an engraved handle.

To win, just leave a comment below about what your current favourite Gu is in more than 10 words, I’ll randomly pick from valid entries on July 8th. I’m not going to put this on Loquax as it’s just for you – my loyal readers and it’ll make it easier for you to win 😉

Good luck everyone!


Tracey Belcher WON!

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17 Responses to Win With Gu and Us Just Make Your Own Flavour!

  1. Ellie Lane says:

    Much as I love chocolate, it’s key lime pie.

  2. Tracey Belcher says:

    Well up until now I have to say I loved the Lemon ones the best but I read your blog on the After Dark New York Cheesecakes and was tempted into trying them – Well, what can I say other than they are heavenly! Absolutely love these – my new number one!

  3. Emma says:

    I haven’t tried the Gu York Cheesecakes (yet!) but I do love the Chocolate Melting Middle puds, delicious!

  4. Vikki Roberts says:

    Loving the freshness of the key lime pies!

  5. Natalie Moore says:

    I love hot, gooey chocolate cakey desserts, always have. It’ll come as no surprise that I love their Chocolate Ganache pudding. GU did a ltd edition Belgian chocolate pudding a few years ago….heaven in a glass pot!

  6. stacey green says:

    Chocolate fondants for definite. OM NOM NOM.

  7. Ellie says:

    My favourite Gü is the hot chocolate soufflé. I love the baked crust but I like what’s hiding beneath it even more – the rich, hot chocolatey, Gü-ey centre! 🙂

  8. Kerry-Ann Pope says:

    I just adore Hot Chocolate Souffle, try as I might I can never recreate them at home. They are so divine, my one desert of choice and I indulge near on every week.
    The crust is just delicious and crunchy but the Gu centre is what I’m really talking about.
    I most definitely have a massive sweet tooth, I’m going to try their cheesecake next.

  9. Nabeela Iqbal says:

    My favourite Gü is the nice and simple chocolate mousse. Although I would love to try the Gü york cheesecake. 🙂

  10. Helen Dickinson says:

    I am in love with the hot chocolate soufflé. They are something that tickle my tastebuds! Its simple but delicious!

  11. SusanEmily Jones says:

    The hot chocolate soufflé.I go into my own chocolate heaven 🙂

  12. Claire Nelson says:

    We love the hot chocolate melting middles, the melting chocolate is always perfect and the outside light and fluffy, complete and utter heaven.

  13. Ooh! My favourite Gu will always be the melting chocolate fondants. Soooo amazing.

  14. claire Palmer says:

    I love the Melting Middles. They are ready so quickly and really hit the spot!

  15. Cate E says:

    Chocolate and vanilla cheesecake ramekins win hands down in our house! We love the rich chocolate ganache combined with vanilla and crumbly biscuit…

    We hide them from our four year old, who is too young to appreciate the deliciousness (although I’m sure he’d eat one right up!). The box of two is just for us to savour after the kids are in bed.

    This is quite literally making my mouth water so I’m off to the shops tomorrow to stock up (again!) 🙂

  16. Nicola Reed says:

    The chocolate souffle is delicious and live the mini pots as well!

  17. Nicola McC says:

    It seems that I’m another chocoholic here….the chocolate souffle one gets my vote, too! Soooo delish although I try not to give in to temptation TOO often! Lol.

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