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Today I decided to just give away chocolate instead of review and give away chocolate.  This means I can select a few random chocolates and send them off to people.

So this week, in honour of the impending week of Thorntons (or so it seems from the list of Thorntons chocolates and cookies I have to review) I am giving away a few blocks of Thorntons chocolates.

Now, you may have read the review I did of the Apricot chocolate block and the Banana chocolate block.  Both quite different and weird but will appeal to a lot of people.  Well guess what?  Yep – that’s right!  I’m giving TWO pairs of these away.  Yes, that’s right, one apricot and one banana bar will be sent off to two lucky winners!

To enter: just leave a comment here about your first or best Thorntons chocolate memory.  You can get an extra entry by also leaving a comment about what you like best about Thorntons on this post on Facebook.  For three entries, just tweet about this contest on Twitter by RTing my tweet!

Winners will be chosen at random and this is for folk in the UK only (postage is expensive). I’ll choose the winners on Sunday.  My decision is final. Blah blah blah

***WINNERS!*** Jools Brum (faceboo) and Jay/cheekydaze (comments) have both WON! YAY!

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88 Responses to Win Thorntons Blocks of Chocolate

  1. Oh first Thorntons memory has to be thier Lemon Moose Bar, something you just dont expect to be anything that good but was SOOOO! surprised to find that lovely sweet lemon taste to be so strong. Loved it ever since 😀

  2. Fiona says:

    When daughter sent me a lovely box of chocolates after particularly bad time.

  3. emily13 says:

    My best Thorntons memory is last Christmas, they had a special offer on, if you spent a certain amount, you got another load of chocolate for free. So I spent that amount, got all the free stuff and wrapped the whole lot up for my sister for Christmas, her face at seeing a silly amount of Thorntons choc all for her was a picture 🙂

  4. Isla says:

    My best memory about Thorntons is when I was younger and my mum used to buy me chocolate lollipops made to look like cartoon as a special treat which I used to love 🙂

  5. agnes says:

    tasting my first ever ‘Alpini’… thought I had died and gone to heaven

  6. Oooooooooh the first time I tasted a Thornton’s Vienese Truffle mmmmmmmm HEAVEN


  7. coversnail says:

    I remember being quite young and visiting when of their factory outlet stores. Think it was Sheet Village where they sold big bags of misshapen sweets and toffees really cheap. Was bought a rather humungous bag of banana toffee I think, certainy shut me up for a few days!

  8. jaq72 says:

    my first memory of Thorntons was their luxury dinner mints…..the crunch of honeycomb with the mint….amazing !!!! Buy them when I am feeling a little low…they always cheer me up 🙂

  9. jools40 says:

    I remember being about 6 or 7, going shopping in the city centre with my mum we would go into Thorntons to buy some chocolate as a treat. I can still smell the lovely chocolatey smell that filled the shop and to me it seemed the chocolate was all around me. It was the only shop in those days that sold nothing but chocolate.
    Thorntons Continental are still my favourite chocolates today.

  10. mummy24 says:

    my first memory of chocolates from thorntons is getting the traditional continentals for christmas one year when i was younger and feeling really grown up!

  11. masterson says:

    My first box of continels heaven

  12. Jax Li says:

    My hubby gave me a very large present a few years ago which turned out to be a Thornton’s Santa lolly which he had wrapped up pass the parcel style, i was so mad at him until a few hours later when he gave me an enormous hamper full of assorted boxes of Thornton’s chocolates and wine

  13. c burton says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm nice

  14. Amy L says:

    Best thorntons memory is buying my 2 year old nephew an easter egg last year. The mess it made was spectaular, and the cheeky grin on his face will stay with me for years! Wonderful, chocolate makes the world go round.

  15. Gem says:

    I remember getting one of their horse shaped lollies when I was a kid and treasuring it as I walked down the high street. I was savouring every last bite, nibbling it as Thorntons was only for treats. I ended up dropping it and crying my eyes out…although my mum ended up buying my another bless her!

  16. hoopie says:

    thorntons have always been in my family, so i don’t actually remember the first time i tried it. i grew up with it like i did coronation street, as it was my mum’s favourite and i remember sneaking one of her vienesse truffles and thinking they were the best thing i’d ever tasted.

  17. jacbrass says:

    i remember my first Thorntons experience with a chocolate covered fondant mouse and i am still hooked today : )))))))))

  18. Polly Bastow says:

    I think my first Thorntoms memory was a bag of chocolates and I just remember they tasted amazing and far better than any chocolates I’d ever eaten before – I was addicted 😉 @polly1548

  19. jennyp19 says:

    I remember when I first tried the summer fruits chocolates, especially the lemon and lime ones, so lush. All that white sweet chocolate, and the slight tartness of the fruit fondant in the middle – makes me drool thinking about them.

  20. 010471 says:


  21. JULIELOUISE says:


  22. lizd31 says:

    My best Thorntons moment was in October this year when I won the biggest box of assorted Thorntons luxury chocolates…YUMMY!!!

  23. Angie Allen says:

    love to win this

  24. feefeegabor says:

    When my now hubby and I were going out, I used to buy him a box of Thornton’s Toffee every week. It was our “thing”. I still do this – but now every Birthday and Christmas, not every week.

  25. emma says:

    We were lucky enough to receive a gift for our recent wedding anniversary. The friend that sent it knows I’m a chocoholic and she couldn’t have picked a more perfect present to send! It’s packaged in a lovely dark brown and cream box, which is very strong and could be used for storage after you’ve eaten the contents

  26. Rebecca Fitzgibbons says:

    Thorntons used to do chocolate aimed at kids with milk chocolate with white chocolate sheep on.

    I loved it and kept buying it even though i was about 19 at the time!

  27. Robyn Clarke says:

    I’m originally from South Africa so I had a Thorntons deprived childhood, I got to the UK and not being one to resist chocolate was drawn into the first Thorntons I came across, I’m surprised my husband managed to get me out the shop. I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, Mesmerised by the flavours and all the pretty packaging. I paid for the chocolate and immediately tasted it…..mmmmm, once you’ve tried Thorntons, there’s no going back!

  28. sue bailey says:

    I just absolutely love Thorntons what more can I say.

  29. Rachael G says:

    The best has got to be the giant easter egg that my sister got my Husband and I a few years back. She had it iced with our names too so it was that little bit more special (I suspect due to the fact that in previous years she’d eated our eggs before she gave them to us and felt guilty!).

  30. Jay says:

    My earliest – and still best – Thorntons memory is an easter egg when I was about 11. Up to then I’d always been given the standard Cadbury eggs with a couple of bars of chocolate, but this year I got an amazing Thorntons one. It was a chocolate nest, with small individually wrapped brightly coloured chocolate eggs inside, and a little fluffy bird sat on top!

    I’m ashamed to say I have no memory at all of how it tasted, but I do remember it was a long time after easter before I could bring myself to eat it – it was so pretty!

  31. Alison says:

    My best thorntons chocolate memory was going into the shop to buy some presents and turning round to find my son covered in chocolate from the chocolate fountain in the shop! I made a quick exit 🙂

  32. chrisx2 says:

    my favourite memory is the wonder of biting into a chocalate heart and it was s o l i d chocolate !! Been used to ‘flimsy’ chocolate and was taken by surprise by the sheer solid chocolate experience ! MMMmmm !

  33. KittyGiles says:

    My first Thornton’s experience was a chocolate Santa I received for Christmas…yum yum yum xxx

  34. houtz says:

    the first time I tried thorntons caremel shortcake – heaven!

  35. emmabarron says:

    my fav thorntons memory is getting my daughter a chocolate princess with her name written on it for her birthday. It was so lush – i wish someone had bought me this for me when i was little.

  36. angela says:

    I got married in May 2002. Just after Valentine’s Day that year I called into my local Thorntons store and asked what they were going to do with their decorations (large pink cardboard hearts dangling from the ceiling). They were going to throw them away so I asked if I could have them to decorate the venue where I was having my wedding evening reception. The manager let me have them and I’ve been a Thorntons fan ever since!

  37. Gilla01 says:

    Just the feel of the chocolate melting in my mouth – delicious.

  38. bizywizy says:

    thorntons chocolate covered fudge -= heaven

  39. Mrs Sneddon says:

    My best memory of Thorntons was when I was a child. I remember receiving a chocolate teddy bear with had written icing say Happy Birthday. I remember thinking it was special and so big lol!

  40. Jess says:

    My favourite memory with Thorntons is visiting him after a month and him surprising me with a big box of chocolates. We then shared it having the same one at the same time… bit of a boring story… but since we’re in a long distance relationship and broke it is a lovely memory for me 🙂

  41. gemma henshaw says:

    my best thorntons memory is sharing a bag of continental chocolates with my lovely boyfriend

  42. Joanne B says:

    I have a vague memory of being about 3 and waking up before mum & dad and being caught in the box of thorntons chocs with a very chocolatey face – I still haven’t changed, always caught with my hand in the chocs! 🙂

  43. Allan says:

    Best Thorntons chocolate memory is when I first tasted Melts, they were just awesome.

  44. Jane says:

    Love the ones with strawberry filling, always remind me of summer holidays as a kid.

  45. Lakshmi says:

    I’ll never forget my first Seville Chocolate. They are now my absolute favourite.

  46. Chocoboy says:

    The Thorntons shop at easter time is magic.

  47. prwilson says:

    I remember as a kid my mum bringing home a box of Thorton’s chocolate on my birthday and tasting how luxuriant they were.

  48. Solange says:

    A Valentines gift from my first boyfriend

  49. Holly Green says:

    Ooh, best Thorntons memory was probably when I got a selection of fruity chocs for £2 – reduced from about £15! It was super tasty, but about to go out of date, hence the reduction. That was a good night in front of the telly with my other half! 🙂

  50. Dee says:

    I used to absolutley LOVE the dark chocolate and ginger bars, but sadly they don’t make them any more. Boo hoo!

  51. karmaperle says:

    Buying a coffee and getting a chocolate with it – never know which one you’re going to get.

  52. bigson says:

    It’s as smooth as silk. Heavenly.

  53. Crystal Mse says:

    I can’t recall how old I was exactly , but I had a cappuccino truffle type thing . I WAS HOOKED ! They’re my favourite to this day !

  54. dominicwest says:

    seein my youngest (on gluten free diet) enjoyng a a gf Thorntons easter egg his granparents had bought him.

  55. Lucy says:

    Every Christmas my mum would buy dad a box of Thorntons Special Toffee which he’d share round with us kids. She doesn’t get him any these days as it’s pulled out most his fillings!

  56. toffee says:

    on my 18th birthday- the taste of real chocolate

  57. kel1981 says:

    thornton’s chocolate coins in my stocking every christmas

  58. Alison T says:

    My best thorntons memory is coming out of hospital after major surgery to a huge box of thorntons choccies waiting at home for me was absolute heaven 🙂

  59. katherinesara says:

    My dad bought one of your hat boxes full of chocolate a couple of years ago, OMG it was amazing!!!!!

  60. Ellie Peabody says:

    I love going into the coffee shop and drinking hot choc surrounded by the lovely scent of all the chocolate in the store 🙂

  61. kkhimji2001 says:

    my first ever chocolate!

  62. pinkteegan says:

    Thorntons toffie ice cream on hot sunny days when i was a little girl

  63. helenthemadex says:

    my first special memory of thorntons is when I was bought a bag of summer fruits chocolates when I was a trainee midwife, they came from the mum of the first baby I ever delivered

  64. kimcoate says:

    i used to get a packet of chocolate covered toffees to take on the long train journey home – certainly made the trip more enjoyable

  65. kemo_2002 says:

    my mum buying me a lolly hen i was about 6 yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  66. velladabest says:

    tasting the choc fountain when i was about 10 years old :D:D

  67. Sally Willcock says:

    First Thorntons chocolate memory has to be their Continental Chocolate range and the first one I tasted was the Rum Truffle. My mum’s favourite. I loved it, but was only allowed a bit (children & rum!) After that, on shopping trips to Bradford, we continued to get our Special Toffee (still the best, but then they hammered it out of the tray for you) and mum used to get a Rum Truffle and I used to get an Alpini – all that memory from a chocolate.

  68. wibbble3 says:

    Best memory is from this Easter. One of my students gave me a large selection box to thank me for all of my hard work preparing him for his GCSE exams

  69. rdrummond says:

    My best thorntons memory was buying my brother the largest continetal box of chocolates for his 21st and he loved them! He is as much a chocolate addict as me!

  70. shazpaz says:

    my first was a Viennesse Truffle. I love them and now my kids do too! My mum always buys me some for my birthday and christmas

  71. zippedup says:

    my first memory of thorntons were the mint bars you used to be able to get, the mint crumbles and bags of coconut ice yummmm 🙂

  72. ImmortalBeloved says:

    My best memory of Thorntons was buying Easter bunnies and other moulded chocolate items for my children. My youngest son was continually asking me when he could eat them and I told him he would have to wait until Easter. While I was in the kitchen doing dishes my son, who was 2 at the time, decided that he would eat his bunny, as far as I was concerned he was playing happily in the lounge. I returned after about ten minutes to find him absolutely covered in chocolate from head to toe. I nearly licked him clean but had second thoughts and used baby wipes 🙂

  73. Mia says:

    Any Thorntons memory is a great Thorntons memory. 🙂 xx

  74. joeygrey says:

    My best friend and I used to save our pocket money to buy a little bar of chocolate with orange fondant inside from our local Thorntons shop. We used to pretend we were Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the scene where he bit a tiny bit of it and make it last for hours. We could make it last nearly two days before we gave in to it and crammed the remainder into our mouths. Yum, so delicious!!

  75. LORRAINE says:

    Eden chocolates they are heaven

  76. nicole says:

    My first ever Christmas chocolate, priceless memory!

  77. chrriss88 says:

    Thorntons Continental Cappuccino

    If you like you coffee Strong, Strong, Strong
    and you like you chocolate white

    The you won’t go Wrong, Wrong, Wrong,
    to buy these for Xmas night. (Sheer Delight)

  78. donut says:

    We always had a box of Thorntons Continental chocolates at Christmas.

  79. thepricklypinecone says:

    My favorite thorntons memory is going to the factory shop and buying lots of mishapen chocolates with my pocket money!

  80. elvy106 says:

    I had only recently been going out with my girlfriend (Now my wife) and I bought a big slab of Thorntons Chocolate. Melting it one night I took the gooey mixture to the bedroom and…..Actually thats one memory I’m not sharing lol!

  81. Victoria C says:

    Receiving my first every thorntons easter egg with my name on it!

  82. Rogar1471 says:

    My first experience of Thorntons chocolate takes me back to Easter. Every year my mum gets easter eggs from Thorntons made and has our names written on. Each of the eggs are a different chocolate which represents our favourite 🙂

  83. Isabelle Smith says:

    yummmm 🙂

  84. melaniee says:

    I took a box of Thorntons chocolates with me when i went into hospital to have my daughters, well they do say to take snacks to keep your energy levels and of course nothing is better than chocolate. Ate most of the box after i had her and it was soooo much better than hospital food as well as helping to increase my iron levels!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM

  85. venus69 says:

    Ive always been a cadbury lover untill easter 2009 when my daughter was bought an easter bunny she wanted to share it with me. I kept saying no untill later on in the evening. I was getting the craving an thought i just try a bit, Mmmmmm before i realised it was all gone….told my daughter next morning that the easter bunny took it back to get fixed ( my daughter had eaten the head the previous day) and that the bunny will bring it back next easter. No problem lol

  86. Nona Mills says:

    We always had a box of Thorntons Continental chocolates at Christmas.

  87. Lynsfiona says:

    My earliest and fondest memory of Thorntons was when my Mum used to take me into the shop in Mansfield to buy me a scrumptious bag of Letters – you know, the pastel coloured sugary goodness you could get there about 20 years ago!! I always remember it vividly as the lady behind the counter would give me a nice white paper bag to put the plastic Letters bag in, as it would always split, resulting in my weekly sweet treat spilling all over the pavement (or the floor of M&S depending where Mum needed to go that day)! So thanks Thorntons for such a lovely memory, where I’ll always remember my childhood fondly of shopping with my lovely Mum! X X X

  88. Dolly Serrano says:

    I took a box of Thorntons chocolates with me when i went into hospital to have my daughters, well they do say to take snacks to keep your energy levels and of course nothing is better than chocolate. Ate most of the box after i had her and it was soooo much better than hospital food as well as helping to increase my iron levels!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM

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