Thorntons Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies Review

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thorntons triple chocolate chunk cookiesThere’s something to be said for a chocolate chip cookie that is half coated in chocolate and therefore retains structural integrity while dunking.

You see, you want to dunk the cookie in a really hot mug of tea to slightly melt the chocolate without losing part of the cookie to the tea.  This is where half-chocolate coated cookies excel.  You get the chocolate melting but still keep all of the cookie together!

Thorntons Triple Chocolate Chink cookies straight out of the box are slightly harder than most of the cookies I have but then again most of the cookies I have are from Millie’s or Gu fresh baked cookies and that’s just not the same thing.  Compared to a Sainsbury’s Triple chocolate chunk cookie though, these triple chocolate chip cookies are right up there.
thorntons triple chocolate chunk cookies
There is a good distribution of chocolate chips through the actual cookie and the half dip is good and think.  I did get a bit too enthusiastic at one point and did lose a bit of cookie but I can therefore pass on this sage advice – the chunks are too damn big to melt completely in a cup of tea.

The cokie dough has a slightly dark sugar overtone that speaks to molasses though that isn’t specifically mentioned.

The expiry date on the cookies is decent – not too far in the future (no, I don’t like cookies that last a year or longer :-S) but far enough I don’t feel I have to eat them all right away.  They are nice and I guess the real question is – would I buy them again?  Probably not to nosh privately (I’d do Gu as there are only 2 cookies) but I would absolutely buy them to share and in fact will be sharing them!

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  1. Gillian says:

    I got a box of these cookies as part of a ‘super size me deal’. Spend 5euro and get these for 1euro. I could not resist but nothing beats the hot from the oven homemade cookies I reckon.

  2. JudithLewis says:

    I still think they need a cup of tea or 10sec in the micro but I’d totally add them to a deal for a Euro!!

  3. fiona maclean says:

    lol please stop tempting me. a minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips…(repeating several times)

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