WIN a HAMPER of Green & Blacks Chocolate [CLOSED]

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G and B tastingRight – I have a MASS of Green and Blacks delicious chocolate to give away.  I know I gave away their brand new flavours earlier this week but today I’m giving away a mass of amazing chocolate – YUM! Not in a basket or box or anything but it might as well be a hamper for the huge amount you’ll be getting 😀

There is an element of skill in this competition.  No simple entry.  I want to know you actually know what contest you entered when I email you as the winner and no longer get people asking what it is they won when the name of the blog is even in the email.  I want this massive prize to go to a reader who cares 🙂  The prize is awesome and worth at least £40 (I believe) and I don’t expect many entries because this requires effort 😉

What you’ll be putting some effort in to win is the following:

One box of The Tasting Collection: For foodies everywhere, giving the new Tasting Collection will be a gift that creates the centre piece of any dinner party. The kit contains a mix of twelve miniature bars of Green & Black’s signature flavours, as well as tasting note cards featuring interesting facts, recipe suggestions and flavour combination ideas.  The kit also includes a map showing the origins of the bars’ different organic ingredients, allowing you to taste your way ‘Around the World’ from the comfort of your home.

G and B conversationsOne of each box –  a Mint and a Mixed: An equally perfect present for any social occasion, especially a party or group event, is the ‘Conversations’ collection.  Available in either Mint flavour or a selection of Milk, White, Dark and Butterscotch, each box contains individually wrapped Green & Black’s organic chocolates with fun, conversation-sparking questions printed on each wrapper.  It’s the perfect ice breaker and party staple for entertaining your guests.

G and B ultimateOne box of Ultimate Collection:  For true Green & Black’s aficionados or chocolate lovers who think they have tried it all, the Ultimate Collection is a must-buy gift.  Open the box to discover a mouth-watering puzzle of Green & Black’s bars in a variety of sizes and flavours, with favourites such as Butterscotch, Milk, Cherry and Dark 70% alongside the exclusive new Dark Hazelnut flavour, only available in miniature.

The competition is this: What new flavour bar would you invest for Green & Blacks and WHY?  I want to know what type of chocolate you’d use (milk, creamy milk, dark, Maya Gold flavour, darker shade of milk, 70%, 85%, or what?), the added element you’d include (spices, fruits, nuts, insanity, or what?) and why you think that flavour would work.

Since this requires some thinking and lots of writing and since your recipes will be judged on the basis of the bar you have created, the winner will be drawn on December 5th. You can post your recipe here or on Facebook and I will gather all entries (which you can also mail directly through to me using the “contact me” button) and they will be judged by myself and probably another chocolate expert and the winner will be the person who creates something unique, different but also palatable and you would want to see in the shops as a new G&B flavour.

Jo McGawley has WON!

Good luck everyone and I can’t wait to see your flavour creations!
Da rules:

1.You must be subscribed to the blog to win.

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2.Only one entry per household.
3.The competition closes on 5th December 2011 at 12 noon.
4.Only open to those 14 or over on 25th November 2011.
5.I’ll choose 1 winner based on the thoughtfulness, completeness and liklihood that the bar and flavours would work
6.Only available to UK addresses.
7.No cash alternative available.
8.Your details won’t be passed onto anyone else

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69 Responses to WIN a HAMPER of Green & Blacks Chocolate [CLOSED]

  1. Adam says:

    Milk chocolate combined with cereal to make Green & Black Cereal bars! This would put you on the market to sell breakfast bars and energy bars to refuel. It still has your chocolate which would be amazing!

  2. Kerry says:

    What an exciting giveaway!

    What is missing from G&Bs range for me (I would have said rice crispie chocolate as I LOVE that but they want and brought that out recently!) has to be a dark chocolate bar filled with lovely salted caramel – like an upmarket version of the Galaxy Caramel 100g bars. That would rock my socks.

  3. Hmm, decisions decisions.

    I’d use their darker milk chocolate as a base, some coffee nibs for crunch, and a sprinkle of cinnamon throughout. My perfect bar.

  4. claire says:

    I’ d go for a dark chocolate 70%. Then on a similar note to their mint fondant bar, i would have a coconut fondant, but not entirely smooth, so i would add toasted coconut shavings for the added texture. I think the dark chocolate would contrast nicely with the creamy sweetness and the toasted flavour would add depth.

  5. Choclette says:

    A hard one indeed, but without a doubt I would go for a coconut flavoured bar or even better a coconut cream filling. Either way I love the combination of coconut and chocolate and I would go for the darkest milk chocolate. With bounty bars being so popular, I’m sure this would be an outright seller.

  6. Donna Sadler says:

    I would LOVE for Green and Blacks to market my chocolate bar! The chocolate would be EXTREMELY creamy consisting of creamy milk chocolate for the whole bar with a melt in the middle type of ganache filling with chopped cashew nuts swirled into the filling with a thin layer of bitter dark chocolate on the top to give it a little bit of a bitter kick. I hope you can envisage my invention lol. Good luck to everyone entering! xxxx

    • Judith Lewis says:

      I don’t know if G&B will market any of the bars but you never know! 🙂

      The last few times I’ve given something away the people who won have not even known what they won and apparently probably used an automated entry service according to one site so I decided to make this one more for people who actually read the blog 😀 This way actual blog readers have a very good chance of winning and who knows – maybe G&B will get inspired by the submissions and we’ll see some new flavours again soon!

      So with only a few entries it means it is highly likely that whoever took the time to comment thoughtfully with their bar ideas could win!

  7. bakingaddict says:

    I love G&B chocolates! They already have a wide range so it’s difficult to think of a new one. Dark chocolate is my favourite so it would have to a 70% dark chocolate, filled with dried cranberries and rich tea biscuits (or similar). I would definitely buy it and I think it would appeal to the masses as it’s a non-nut version of a fruit and nut bar seeing as lots of people have nut allergies. I also think the flavour combination works particularly well as you get the crunch of the biscuits and the slight sourness of the cranberries all wrapped up in dark chocolate. I’d name is “cranberry & biscuit” Not very original but I’m not sure if crancuit would work!

  8. Melanie Hall says:

    White chocolate with crispie bits…this would be great for the kids

  9. Flo Foxes says:

    What new flavour bar would you invest for Green & Blacks and WHY?

    Love Green and Blacks Chocolate.. the white one is soo delicious and love the milk too ..I tend to buy 2 bars one milk, one white …break of one piece of each and put it in my mouth to get both flavours melting together …
    So given the chance to INVENT my perfect Green and Black’s Chocolate Bar I would use creamy milk chocolate and coat it it white chocolate, add a small amount of vanilla essence , a tiny amount of nutmeg and a hint of cinnamon and sprinkle in a few organic raisins … salivating now …

    thanks for the chance to dream

  10. Cecilia says:

    White chocolate and raspberry – it seems unusual to see white chocolate bars mixed with other flavours and it would be great to have flavoured chocolates using white chocolate as a base. White chocolate tends to be very thick and creamy, and I think the zestiness and sharpness of raspberry will cut through the sweetness!

  11. robi brenchley says:

    Dark chocolate 70%, strawberry pieces or strawberry cream/syrup and crunchy mint pieces – yum yum yum!
    (I am actually starting to dribble a little bit at the thought!)

  12. Snita SP says:

    I’d blend Indian spices with chocolate. Not the chilli spices, but the subtle spices used in Indian desserts. So I would infuse cardamom and saffron into creamy white chocolate to create a sweet chocolate bar which delicately oozes these smooth exotic flavours.

  13. olivia kirby says:

    I would just go completely revolutionary (or totally selfish) and make a bar that suits my needs 100%! i.e my desperate need for chocolate coupled with absolutely no willpower! And to this end I would make a double ended chocolate bar, a dreamy/nightmarish ‘half and half’! One end would be something i desire, crave, covet beyond belief :- super creamy milk chocolate, dappled with teeny tiny nibbed nuts and irresistably spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, that would be the ‘dream’ half, the other half would be a total no-g0 area for me, my nightmare, but I’d choose a recipe to make my husband salivate (and do the dishes for at least a week) , the darkest of dark chocolate you can find with a subtle chilli edge.

  14. Lynsey McCloy says:

    The new dark hazelnut flavour with butterscotch in the centre (only in full size) would be a perfect new flavour that I would enjoy. I think this would work as I have had the flavours together before in an ice-cream sundae and they complimented each other, infact it was HEAVEN 🙂

  15. Tammie Prince says:

    Dark chocolate with a crunchy peanut butter centre. I would also go with a dark chocolate with a creamy peanut butter centre. Chocolate and peanut butter together is gorgeous. You never really see dark chocolate with peanut butter! The sweet and salty are great contrasting flavours. Heaven!

  16. ailsa says:

    A bar for the winter – definately creamy milk chocolate, with a hint of nutmag and cinnamon!! Perfect for a cold winters evening.

  17. Fran Light says:

    Creamy white chocolate with swirls of raspberry running randomly through the chocolate.

    White chocolate and raspberry is a combination that works beautifully in muffins, so I know the flavours work really well together.

    Adding the raspberry in swirl form would give the chocolate I wonderfully nostalgic ‘raspberry ripple ice cream’ kind of look, and be much more pleasing to the eye than pieces or chunks of actual, or dried, raspberry.

  18. Lux says:

    I think the dark milk with chai spices would be a delicious flavour for winter.

  19. Debbie Bird says:

    I would use the Maya Gold chocolate and put in a lime centre similar to the filling on jaffa cakes i think the sharpness of the lime would contrast well with the Maya Gold and it would certainly be a bar i would buy as you very rarely see lime used with chocolate

  20. Janet Humphrey says:

    I would combine a creamy white chocolate with a champaigne truffle centre to give both sweetness and lightness and a taste of luxury in one delicious bite.

  21. Amy says:

    Milk chocolate packed with rum soaked raisins; chocolated coated raisins and rum and raisin ice-cream, so why not combine the two ideas?

  22. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    the new flavour bar that iwould you invest for Green & Blacks is White Chocolate with strawberry peices. 85% white chocolate 100% heaven!

  23. Natalie Holland says:

    I’d use milk – then have a banana & toffee flavour running through. It would be a Banoffee bar! I love banoffee pie and I think the flavours are delicious, so I think a chocolate bar with those flavours would be fabulous.

  24. Shell says:

    I sometimes make a spicy mulled white wine which is absolutely delicious. Inspired by this drink, I think a Green and Blacks ‘white spice’ chocolate bar would taste incredible.

    Ingredients: creamy white chocolate; honey; orange pieces; cardamom.

  25. Cam says:

    Dark chocolate with marmite and chilli.

  26. KIERAN WALSH says:

    COCONUT in any form, but im a chocoholic, and Green and Black , is the finest

  27. Joan Morrice says:

    I thnk a “White Russian” bar would be gorgeous. White chocolate to represent the cream element of the cocktail with a fine layer of coffee flavoured chocolate underneath. For the ultimate in authenticity, the bar would be laced with liquer flavour – either a strong coffee or vodka flavour. What a stylish, unique and utterly indulgent treat!

  28. Natalie Newham says:

    I would choose 70% dark chocolate, and include some rum-soaked raisins and liquid salted caramel. It’s quite a simple combination (the best ones usually are), but I feel that it would really pack a punch. You’ve got the salt in the caramel to take a little of the sweetness away from the rum-soaked raisins, and the 70% dark chocolate is not too bitter, but bitter enough to ensure that you taste every element within the recipe.

  29. Hazel says:

    I’ve always been intrigued by the fact that chocolate is used successfully in savoury recipes so – Dark Chocolate (at least 85%) with very tiny shreds of venison and just a hint of redcurrant jelly and/or raspberry vinegar. There’d be a problem with storage/shelf life unless the venison had preservative in it – but it would be interesting!

  30. judy kennedy says:


    Green & Blacks already does a cherry which is delicious, the sour works well. But a dried, slightly chewy strawberry with 70% dark, in quite large pieces would be lovely

  31. Emma Greaves says:

    For the festive season a “Winter Warmer” bar would be my recipie.

    I am thinking of something along the lines of the gorgeous G&B Ginger bar but a little spicier to be enjoyed on a winter’s night…….. so a milk chocolate for smoothness with winter spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and a little kick (tiny kick) of something extra – maybe chilli just to keep it zingy.

    It would need a scarlet red wrapper of course and would be fab to eat whilst sipping hot tea, listening to carols and wrapping pressies throughout December. I would definitely buy one (well several!)

  32. Clare Greenhalgh says:

    I thought about this for ages before coming up with the right mix….

    I would use the 70% dark chocolate as a shell for other wonderful ingredients. Inside I would have a thin vanilla layer (just a thin brush-stroke across the dark chocolate base), with a layer of sweetened Indian lime mix (not a fondant I think having all of the textures of the lime flesh is vital!) above it. I think this would be heavenly! I cannot remember any better drinks I have had than the sweetened lime drinks I had in India and the combination of that with a dark chocolate and vanilla layer would be amazing.

    My mouth is desperate for this now and I am going to have to dream….

    Ahh well!

  33. Emma Clarke says:

    I would use dark chocolate (70%) with an indulgent infusion of coffee and walnuts. I have been waiting an age for this combination to be launched (there are so few coffee flavoured chocolates for some reason and I cannot think why – the taste is to die for!)

  34. Jane Willis says:

    I would use 70% dark chocolate and it would contain pieces of chopped dried apricots and almonds and crunchy crumbs of crushed biscotti. If we’re allowed a bit of alcohol in the mix, the apricots would be soaked in Di Saronno. This would be a perfect ending to an Italian-themed dinner.

  35. Christine Johnson says:

    Lavender flavour with 70% dark chocolate

  36. seasiderinthecity says:

    It would be amazing if G&B could come up with some kind of Lebkuchen. I think it would need to be a dark chocolate with either gingerbread flavouring or crumbled gingerbread running through it and maybe that lovely icing glaze.

  37. Jo McGawley says:

    Welcome to Green and Blacks ” Christmas Past”.

    My personal preference is for G+B 70% Dark chocolate, but as this bar is supposed to be a festive family treat, it needs to appeal to all the family from the little ones to Gramps. I am therefore choosing the creamy milk chocolate ( was tempted with Hazelnut and currant, but nuts and little people isn`t always a good mix!) So now to make Christmas past………! Tangerines and nuts in stocking, the warm aroma of the Christmas cake baking…….and snow! Raisins are my next entry~family friendly , and a great foil for the next ingredients. Soaked overnight in orange juice ,almond essence and mixed spice, the raisins will take on a heady taste of Christmas without overpowering the milk chocolate. The whole bar will then be dipped in a white milk chocolate coat, laced with tiny crunchy orange balls ( to create ripples in the bar that emulate the snow outside.) ~ and that`s it! The taste of Christmas past in a bar. Mmmmm.

  38. Carmen says:

    I’m torn between two options. Option one would be a mojito style chocolate – white chocolate to soften the taste with a zing of mint and lime throughout. It wouldn’t necessarily have to have rum (but it wouldn’t hurt). Option two would be something wintery – a dark chocolate with cinnamon to ‘warm’ it.

  39. Laura Lott says:

    What a fantastic comp!

    I would create a range of ‘cocktail’ inspired chocolate bars, as there are plenty of liqueur chocolates around, but nothing a bit more fun and festive that would appeal to young adults. The first one in the range would be modeled after my favourite cocktail the Pina Colada. It would be the Choca Colada and it would feature rum flavouring with coconut. It would have a high percentage dark chocolate, perhaps 70% or more, as it is aimed at adults and can have a more mature taste.

    I would absolutely love to have something like that for Christmas or for any occasion, and you could have a whole range with different fruit and alcohol flavours, and some just fruity ‘mocktail’ ones for the children if you wanted.

  40. Angela Lithgow MacLean says:

    I love Green & Blacks. TBH it has rather spoiled me for other chocolates now. I bought a bar of dairy milk the other week there and really didn’t enjoy it……. yes, you read that correct! I didn’t enjoy chocolate!! Think I may need to have a sit down now I’ve said it out loud.
    My thought on a flavour for a new bar would be maya gold or 85% cocoa with fennel and honey. I think the darkness of the chocolate would be complemented beautifully with the honey and the aniseedy flavour from the fennel. Yumm, drooling at the though

  41. Angela Lithgow MacLean says:

    as an addendum to my recipe, would like to say the honey would have to be subtle…………. not making the chocolate too sweet.

  42. Chloe says:

    I think dark chocolate Christmas Pudding flavour with a coating of brandy sauce flavoured white chocolate!For the kids, a bag of bite sized star shaped white chocolates with strawberry pieces

  43. Stuart MacAllister says:

    Wow – what a task! Okay, I’ve thought long and hard about this and here is my concoction.

    Dark chocolate (70%) with…….wait for it……..apricot & chilli!

    I buy a apricot & chilli chutney which is amazing and I have actually tried it with some chocolate, before writing this, to see if it worked. It does!

  44. I like the darker shade of milk Green and Blacks (well I like a lot of Green and Blacks bars if I’m honest). To that base I’d add cardamom and a hint of orange. Nothing more because I don’t want to wreck the chocolate flavour itself. Yum;)

  45. Colin Gault says:

    Would love one with sugar puffs lol……@thrlrds2007

  46. melanie crumpton says:

    Dark chocolate with walnut and cherry pieces, so christmassy

  47. Michelle Weedall says:

    Have had a good think about this and would love a Christmas pudding bar, lots of orange, mulled and cinnamon spices with a dark 70% chocolate. It would have some cherries, sultanas and almonds in to add texture. Yummy!

  48. Cheryl Cain says:

    White chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake flavour, crushed digestive and ginger biscuits as a thin base, with Green and Black’s white chocolate on top with freeze dried raspberry powder mixed into the chocolate mix, maybe with a hint of vanilla but I wouldn’t want it too be too sickly so I’d have to try a version with and without! I actually want them to make this now!!

  49. Katie Coldicott says:

    I love to cook spicy pears in a chocolate sauce. I don’t know the practicalities of making a chocolate bar with pieces of pear in, but it would be delicious.
    Dark chocolate with lovely sweet pear. A variety of spices/herbs could be used such as cinnamon,rosemary,black peeper. Or you could soak the pears in a red wine or mulled wine, but what you want to retain is a definite bite in the pear. You could almost use an 85% dark to contrast with a lovely sweet pear and spices.

  50. Viv Gilbey says:

    I love Rocky Road ice cream so I’d go for a Rocky Road milk chocolate bar with whole almonds and marshmallow pieces

  51. Emma Sant says:

    I think that dark chocolate and cherries would be a really nice combination. I would use 65% dark chocolate so that the chocolate doesn’t taste too bitter but so that you can also taste the sweetness of the cherry pieces. I think that this would be really nice and the use of cherries could give it an almost Christmassy feel to the chocolate bar.

  52. L P Mulligan says:

    My choice has to be a soft creamy white chocolate with a champagne truffle centre to give both lightness and a sweet taste so delicious that you would crave for more and more please! David Copperfield do I hear you calling?

  53. sue says:

    dark chocolate with a swirl of white, with added salted peanuts, have made something similar, its delicious

  54. Tina Holmes says:

    Biscuit flavour MmMMm 🙂

  55. ann carline says:

    Milk chocolate with coconut

  56. Kerry W says:

    I would have to say Dark Chocolate, 70%, with cranberry, chestnut. A nice Christmas combination!

  57. Bex Henderson says:

    Creamy Milk with little bits of marshmellow, mmmm thinking about it is making me want to quit my diet. I think it’d work beacuse who doesn’t like marshmellow?

  58. lorraine polley says:

    white chocolate with marshmallows , pink and whitemarshmallows, but coated on the outside with toasted coconut. in south africa, you can buy marshmallows with toasted coconut on the outside, the only thing missing is the white chocolate, heavenly once they have been on the bbq and are all gooey!!

  59. Angie says:

    I would use dark chocolate 70% and add spicy cardamom, a hint of lavender and some vanilla bean. The reason I think this flavour would work is because each element would compliment each other and as I know this combination is used in desserts it would take the chocolate bar to another level!!

  60. Laura Pritchard says:

    I love praline & I love mango and, although I’m not sure how well they’d go together, I’d love to experiment. I’d have a white chocolate & praline bar, rich & creamy with large chunks of fresh mango within it. I’d call it Mango-Praline Swirl.

  61. R. kalhan says:

    milk chocolate, some pinapple, nutmeg and cinammon, making a tropical bar of choccy!

  62. sue willshee says:

    I’d love to create a tropical fruit salad bar. I think this would work because whenever I make desserts using fruit I always save some of the fruit and cover it in dark chocolate as a decoration. Most soft fruit tastes gorgeous covered in a really dark chocolate. I would use the 70% dark chocolate rather than the 85% just because this one is a little too bitter for the purpose. I’d add chunks of strawberry, banana, peach, mango and pineapple. Ok so I know strawberries aren’t ‘tropical’ but they do taste fab covered in chocolate and their lovely red colour would add to the overall effect. @piperanddaisy

  63. Carolyn Philip says:

    I would produce a bar with which was composed of milk chocolate with summer/autumn fruits – specifically raspberries and blackberries. I would also add a drop of cinnamon, to bring some warmth to it.

    This would work because raspberries and blackberries taste delicious when dipped in chocolate and are allowed to set in the fridge. Making it into a chocolate bar would just take what we do at home a stage further. I would add the cinnamon because, particularly in the winter, when you are sitting down with a cup of tea, cinnamon brings the element of comfort to the chocolate.

  64. Gwyneth says:

    Outer: 70% dark chocolate, with an element of chilli blended into the chocolate.
    Filling: coconut fondant (no bits) for the centre, made with organic coconut milk.

    Reason: I feel that the dark chocolate would complement and contrast with the creamy coconut centre and the chilli would give it an edge, whilst not being too spicy.


  65. Kim says:

    I’d love to see a bar of dark chocolate with tiny cranberry, apple, and orange pieces and spices like cinnamon in and perhaps a tiny hint of clove oil, to give it a Christmasy taste and smell and a warming feel good factor.

  66. Becky Downey says:

    Creamy milk, pieces of white chocolate, fudge, caramel, honeycomb, nuts, rice krispies and nougat.

  67. carol phile says:

    I would use darker shade of milk chocolate with glace cherry bits and chunks of Brownie and toffee to make Rocky Road chocolate and maybe start a range of cake based chocolate – I’m thinking Bakewell flavour, Banana Cream Pie..

  68. Lucy Taylor says:

    How about a “cherry bakewell” bar?
    I would use 70% dark chocolate with a thin amaretto-infused frangipane layer running through it and halved freeze-dried cherries.
    The dark chocolate would be able to stand up to the intensity of the acidic fruit, which would bring a unique texture to this bar. The sweet frangipane would contrast nicely and a dash of ameretto would improve it yet further by adding more depth and long-lasting finish.

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