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One of the things about being a chocolate blogger in the UK is there doesn’t seem to be many of us.  There are a few blogs with multiple bloggers so there are more chocolate bloggers than blogs. There are a lot of food bloggers who cover chocolate as well but blogs that are focused on and dedicated to chocolate seem to be a bit thin on the ground.  In fact, there seems to be six chocolate blogs that I am aware of which don’t support a commercial endeavour.

There are a lot of chocolate blogs out there, including this one, but most are associated with a specific chocolate business.  Whether it is producing chocolate, promoting a chocolate client or working with chocolate in some way, most blogs seem to have a commercial relation for the bloggers except for six.  While I am naturally biased in listing myself here, I’d love to hear from other non-industry chocolate bloggers.  I don’t count advertising revenue as working in the industry 😉

I’m listing these in random order – in fact I alphabetised them in order to keep them all random 😀

Chocablog – Dom and his team of bloggers have been blogging about chocolate for over five years now.  At Dom’s blog you can track it back to his early blogging about Cadbury’s and the progression of the blog through the years to today where it is one of the go-to places for information about chocolate.  It also has a lot of advertising and some affiliate links but I don’t think it means Dom can retire 😀  There are a wide range of reviews on the site and there is a lot of effort made to post a review a day on the blog by the different reviewers.  This site gets a lot of attention from the industry and Dom is quite well known by chocolate makers all over the world.

Chocolate Reviews – Lee has been blogging about chocolate for awhile but because he doesn’t have a typical blog, it is hard to look back to its beginnings but that means you *discover*.  Lee’s blog is quite very chocolaty and is organised by type of chocolate.  He does blog quite frequently but as he also runs his own business so while he writes most reviews, he doesn’t do them all.  The site has advertising and affiliate links but he says he tries to remain impartial and reviews chocolate both positively and negatively.  I know Lee and he works in search – all us chocolate bloggers know each other 😉

Faerietale Foodie – Chloe works in her day job in a food-related industry but not in the chocolate industry.  She sort of seems to have slightly fallen in to chocolate blogging through association with other chocolate bloggers 🙂 Her blog is relatively new but she does review some interesting coffee, chocolate and food.  She blogs primarily about chocolate so although her blog isn’t named as focusing on chocolate, at the moment she is mostly blogging about chocolate.

Jim’s Chocolate Mission – It looks like a US-based blog and I know that more than one PR has made that wrong assessment but Jim’s Chocolate mission is the brainchild of James who says he works at one of the top FMCG brands so I’m guessing Unilever and I’d like to imagine he lives on Ben & Jerry’s 😉 however I don’t know.  He doesn’t do chocolate as a day job and he blogs quite frequently.  He’s in the UK though and has some funky graphs which he uses to rate chocolate.  He reviews a range of chocolate and does try to help people make purchasing decisions.  Fun and cool to look at the blog has a lot of advertising and has some interesting links at the bottom O_o

Lot-O-Choc – This is a very new chocolate blog by a young woman who has started blogging about chocolate.  Natalie is just starting out and recently ventured from up north to visit Speciality Food.  Her site says about what her site is hoping to achieve “Mainly this website is about helping fellow chocolate lovers find good quality chocolate products in the every growing market place; I hope to give smaller less well known chocolatiers some more exposure as well as reinforce the larger companies that produce excellent quality chocolates.”

Mostly About Chocolate Blog – If this post gets scrapped and reposted elsewhere I should mention myself I suppose. Judith is a search professional by day and her passion about chocolate is well known. She is the only author of the posts on the blog and so the posts aren’t quite every day. She is one of the rare female chocolate bloggers and started her blog in 2009, making her one of the newer dedicated chocolate bloggers. She has judged the Academy of Chocolate Awards and the International Chocolate Awards.

World Chocolate Guide Blog – I guess this isn’t working in the industry as Jennifer works in food development but not chocolate and this blog is not supporting a commercial endeavour so it gets on the list.  Jennifer is a very occasional blogger at the World Chocolate guide and she also helps enter the information into the guide itself.  She’s got a great recipe for muffins though!

Do you know someone in the UK who primarily blogs about chocolate and does not work in the chocolate industry who I’ve missed off this list? Just let me know!

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  1. London Massage says:

    I didnt know that there is so many chocolate lovers 🙂

  2. Lot-O-Choc says:

    Thanks for this! I use my first name Natalie though 🙂 i only use Anne really formally as its my middle name. 🙂

  3. Lot-O-Choc says:

    Its ok no problem 🙂 oh sorry hehe i thought it said Natalie Anne on my about info, ill have a check and change it if not!

  4. Choclette says:

    Me, me, me!!! I know only some of my posts are about reviewing chocolate bars and products but all of my posts are about chocolate and I only use good quality chocolate in all my baking.

  5. Dom says:

    Finally catching up with real life and got around to reading this. Thanks for the mention!

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