This Week I Lost a Friend…

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… and the world lost a bright star.  I cannot imagine what it would have been like to be a widow at 26 and so I cannot imagine what Jaamit’s wife is going through but having suffered tragic losses, I can begin to imagine.  The pain and grief shroud your eyes and it is only through the kindness of family, friends and sometimes even strangers that you are able to move forward in life and not just plonk yourself down in one spot and never move again. Ever.  My pain at having lost a friend, a gentleman SEO, a bright, intelligent credit to the SEO community and promising talent is dwarfed by his wife’s pain. My tears, my loss, my pain is a mere drop in her ocean but I hope the outpouring in the community for Jaamit Durrani comforts her.  I know the world doesn’t stop no matter how much you want it to and I hope for her that time does indeed heal her pain.

I’ve decided to just crack on and make changes in my life as a result.  I’m moving forward with a few projects, reconnecting with friends, getting on top of emails, planning things out at the office, creating some slides and all sorts.  I want to do something more than donate money in his memory – I want to make something in my life a tribute to him and so I am. Otherwise I’d sit & not move.

Before that happened, I had chocolate Christmas tea at the Strand Palace hotel (you have to scroll down to see is) with the lovely Dom from Chocablog before heading to the Rabot Estate with him for some delicious savoury delights made with chocolate.  That has to be the best Hotel Chocolat shop ever!  I also reviewed some diverse chocolates – from the very sweet LB Truly Chocolates through to the decadent La Maison du Chocolat christmas selection box. I was totally spoiled by that box!

The day my friend passed, I was honoured as one of the founding modern muses in the everywoman Modern Muse project.  The goal is to inspire a million women and increase the number of woman-owned businesses by 100,000 in the next decade.  It’s a very cool project and my profile is: Judith Lewis – Rebel with a Cause

If I ever get to reset things and go back in time, I want to be Hazel Barrett Egyptian Expeditionist (or if I win the lottery I’ll just buy the while outfit).  That is just so cool – an amazing look and a real kick-butt I-don’t-care-what-anyone-else-says kind of character.  Just ubercool.

I’m going to end on that positive note.  I hope you all enjoy the posts coming up and apologies if the following week posts go live a bit late – I’ll be in Toronto!

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