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lb truly chocolatesI’m not the world’s biggest fan of Belgian chocolates or pralines but I will still try them and I will still rate them on the basis of their merits.  Most of the chocolate I try is of the ganache variety which I love but every once in awhile I’ll get some chocolates which surprise me.  Such was the case with these chocolates.

When I opened the box of LB Truly Chocs chocolate selection, I wasn’t expecting a lightly whipped airy mousse filled chocolate with different fillings.  Indeed with centres called things like “truly mulled wine” I did expect a ganache so it was a surprise to discover this was actually a truer Belgian chocolate than most who make the claim.
LB truly chocs
The chocolate I chose first was the one with the glitter, not because of the glitter but because it was truly mulled wine.  Biting in to the hard shell and through the whipped centre, I was reminded of the type of chocolates you get from Leonidas – sweet and buttery.
There were two mulled wine flavours and one was white chocolate so no excuse for those of you who only like white chocolate – now you can gobble down a festive flavour!
Truly chocoholic was next and again this was a sweet chocolate with a whipped centre.  I was somewhat caught up in the sweetness but in fairness this is a white chocolate outer shell, darker chocolate whipped centre.
LB chocolatesThe Truly Irish Cream has a distinctive Irish cream flavour but like the mulled with the alcohol was subtle.  It is safe to eat these and go back to work 😉

Using Callebaut chocolate means these chocolate are nice but not top notch.  I think what LB are doing is innovative and while I might not choose to nosh on them like Twix Fino, I do think that a box of these from the shop would be special.

For a really Christmassy treat for someone who likes sweet chocolate, get the sleigh and get some truffles in it.  Keep it festive with mulled wine, cherry, mandarin, chocoholic, ginger and nut petit-four!

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