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NEW Twix FinoToday sees the launch of a new candy bar – Twix Fino.

This new Twix bar was given to me by the PR firm handling Mars. It is apparently a completely new, light-textured wafer version of the classic Twix bar. I looked at it and the tiny writing that said each finger is 94 calories. It isn’t meant to be a lower calorie bar but it’s nice to know it is less than 100cal per finger.

The fingers are flatter than normal Twix with two spirals of crispy wafer on each side of a central channel of caramel. This is all covered in the traditional chocolate layer making it a yummy treat. You don’t eat Twix to experience the height of chocolate excellence but it is delicious.

I wouldn’t use this to drink tea through but it is very morish the way those wafer rolls are for me – you eat one and the lovely light crunchiness of them makes me reach for another and another until they are all gone.

Apparently for the first time in the brand’s 40 year history, the Twix biscuit has been replaced with a light-textured crispy wafer. So they have swapped out that cookie, while retaining the much-loved combination of caramel and chocolate.

I have to admit I’d probably choose this over traditional Twix if given a choice because of the light wafer. I love the caramel and chocolate combination and adding the lighter wafer makes this a morish treat for me.

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