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Easy Faux Biscoff Spread Genius Hack Recipe

Oh you KNOW you want to try this one because - screw it! If you gained or lost weight (or stayed the same) during lockdown, every so often we do need a bit of a treat and this looks LUSH! ...

lotus speculoos spread

Lotus Caramelised Biscuit Spread Reviewed

Speculoos spread – that unique blend of spices in that unique cookie base made into a spread – has made waves in the foodie community. People seem to absolutely love its sweet creamy texture and its flavour. I’ve had real ...

dandoy speculoos spread

Dandoy Speculoos Spread Reviewed

There was a little while ago a furore over speculoos spread. With the taste of a speculoos cookie (I suppose you could equate it with one of those Lotus cookies you get with a coffee – but better) in a ...

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