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maple walnut cookies

Maple Syrup and Walnut Biscuits (Cookies)

I'm an Ontario girl but Quebec makes more maple syrup than we ever will I think. I went to an event at the Canadian Embassy in London and got to see maple syrup used more in cooking and was given ...

maple sugar block

Ninutik Maple Sugar Reviewed

I am Canadian and part of being a Canadian from Southern Ontario is at least one school visit to see maple sugar being made. From a young age I was enamoured with the process, learning about the optimal conditions, growing ...

moose maple butter on toast

Moose Maple Butter Reviewed

As a Canadian, there are few words I like hearing next to each other than "maple" and "butter". To a Canadian this is a purely sugar confection of whipped maple syrup which is made into a creamy paste, light in ...

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