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Dufflet Nougato & Dufflet Clusterific Reviewed

Nougat, Orange & Honey Dark Chocolate Bar Not at all related to Toblerone, this bar is a large flat block with random raised triangles. It reminded me a bit of chocolate makers like Marou who have eschewed conformity for random shapes. I ...

lil piggy

Dufflet Cracklin Lil Piggies Reviewed

Not a long review needed except perhaps to explain something that people in the UK may be confused by. Despite the name, there is no actual crackling in this pig. Yes, I know, it seems logical what with pork scratchings and ...

dufflet chocolate almond

Dufflet Confectionery By The Box Reviewed

It was a warm day in Toronto, as most days in Toronto are when I’m in Toronto (largely due to the time of year I go…) when I walked into a Dufflet café I’d never been in before. It was ...

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