Dufflet Cracklin Lil Piggies Reviewed

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lil piggyNot a long review needed except perhaps to explain something that people in the UK may be confused by.

Despite the name, there is no actual crackling in this pig. Yes, I know, it seems logical what with pork scratchings and it is shaped like a pig and all but there is no pig product in here.

Let me be clear – there is no pig in the pig.

cracklin lil piggyThere is a caramel filling studded with cookie pieces inside the pig and it is lovely milk chocolate. The filling is soft and the chocolate isn’t too thick so it makes it easier to eat. I, of course, cut it with a knife so you can see the filling but it is as easy to tear the head of the pig off with your teeth.

Once your gnawed his head off you can work your way through his feet and tummy.

There are two pigs individually wrapped in each box and they are pretty big and they are available in Dufflet shops all over Toronto as well as online!

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