Lindt Chocolate and Wine Pairings

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It may no longer be the holidays but there are lots of reasons to party – friends, (lack of) family, loving someone… there’s no reason to opt out of having some fun but sometimes you want to do more than just get together and drink.

One of the things you could get involved in is holding your own wine and chocolate pairings using chocolate and wine both purchased from the supermarket. It can sometimes be daunting though and you need to know what pairs with what *before* you buy if you’re like me and want to look smart 😉 So what are your options?

Well, the below was provided by Lindt. They worked with Waitrose to create these pairings. Now, once you have the base pairings, you can experiment with other chocolates with each wine of course. There’s no reason you shouldn’t try more. In fact, if you have a few chocolate bars, why not try half a square with one wine and half with another? Or even a quarter with 4 different wines? Be creative and have some fun!

The best way I’ve found to try chocolate and wine it to take a bite of the chocolate (not too big), let the chocolate warm in your mouth and melt and as it melts take a bit of wine in and let it mis. Alternately let the chocolate melt, swallow the choc but while you can still taste it, take a mouthful of wine. You’ll still get the flavours mixing but it’ll just be a bit less intense. Or why not try both ways!

The below is by Lindt and so featured Lindt pairings but don’t feel restricted by it. You could get various 70% bars and try them all with the Cotes du Rhone Villages or try different sea salt bars with the South African Shiraz. Your imagination is the only limit so use the guide by Lindt below but have fun and get creative!

Pairing Lindt Excellence Dark 70% cocoa with a lovely Côtes du Rhône Villages, truly highlights the exceptional cocoa flavour of this smooth dark bar which is neither too bitter nor overpowering.  The wine’s high tannins, hints of blackberries and strawberries and touches of black pepper complement the intense flavours of cocoa beans in this dark bar and the pairing injects vigorous life into the tongue.  Every chocolate lover will appreciate the harmonious and lingering character of this pairing.

The Lindt Excellence Dark 85% cocoa makes a great match for Shiraz.  The intense notes of classic black berries (blackcurrant, black cherries) and peppery spice found in this wine pair perfectly with the robust chocolate notes and the mellowing effect the bar delivers. We suggest an Australian Barossa Shiraz for this classic match.Lindt Excellence Dark 90% cocoa is the perfect partner for a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. This dark chocolate has a powerful yet smooth character and is masterfully balanced without being bitter or sour. The notes of dried fruits, black cherries and plum which are typical of Cabernet Sauvignon perfectly complement the hints of woody flavours which are found in the vanilla beans in this bar, making for a delightful combination.

Pairing Lindt Excellence Orange Intense with a cold Chenin Blanc, really brings to life the smooth and sweet cocoa flavour of the bar with its tangy orange and crunchy roasted almonds. The fresh and slightly sour citrus fruits found in Chenin Blanc extend the bar’s flavours as well as the ripeness found in this bar.

Lindt Excellence Dark Chilli chocolate makes for a taste sensation when teamed with a woody and earthy Claret, but this one’s only for the brave! When the Capsaicin (the active component of Chilli peppers) is mixed with wine the chilli particles explode in the mouth creating a fantastically spicy sensation which is mixed with aromatic dark chocolate for an exhilarating taste experience.

For an unparalleled taste sensation try Lindt Excellence dark with a touch of Sea Salt chocolate with a South African Shiraz. The robust black fruit flavours typical of this wine create an exciting flavour combination when paired with the delicate, sweet cocoa flavour of the bar which is intensified by the bite of sea salt crystals, delivering a surprising burst of savoury flavour.

Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy pairs exceptionally well with a young dry Chianti, as the sweetness you don’t get from the wine, is delivered through the chocolate. Furthermore the combination of the notes of minerals and slightly sour red fruits, work extremely well with the typical creaminess and the authentic taste of this high quality milk chocolate.

Lindt Excellence Mint Intense goes perfectly with a Sauvignon Blanc. The classic mint flavour and rich texture of this dark chocolate bar work very well with the elderflower, citron and gooseberry notes in the wine. You only need a small piece of chocolate to make a wonderful combination for your taste buds.

The intense flavour found in the Madagascan Vanilla beans of Lindt Excellence White with a Touch of Vanilla pair extremely well with Sauvignon Blanc. The flavour notes found in this creamy, milky bar complete and enhance the typical fresh green apple and tropical fruit flavours found in a good New World Sauvignon Blanc.

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    I’d assumed that the majority of chocolate would be paired with sweet white wines or liqueurs. However, I have found that dark chocolate goes very well with Floc de Gascogne liqueur which is both sweet and strong.

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