Askinosie Sipping Chocolate Coffee Hot Chocolate Review

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askinosie sipping chocolateHot chocolate is an integral part of winter. Coffee is an important part of any day. High quality chocolate like Askinosie chocolate makes incredible hot chocolate. In fact, it makes a delicious snack, or a delicious ice cream topper or a delicious garnish 😉

Askinosie chocolate has joined up with Intelligentsia coffee to create a wonderful hot cocoa which brings together the best chocolate and the best coffee.  Intelligentsia coffee is an amazing company who select, roast and sell directly traded coffee from all over the world. By buying direct from the farmer, more money gets fed back into the local economy and some of the best coffee gets drunk by us!

hot chocolateAskinosie have paired their Davos chocolate with Intelligentsia’s Agua Preta coffee to create a delicious hot chocolate. It has a really clear coffee flavour without being overwhelming. The coffee isn’t bitter but it is still strong without tasting like you have put chocolate in a cup of coffee. The flavour is strong but delightful. The chocolate is excellent and blends perfectly. I added 4 heaped small spoonfuls to 8oz (250mL) of milk I had zapped it in my (now dead) microwave for 2 minutes.

Absolutely perfect hot chocolate! Ethical chocolate, ethical coffee, milk where the farmer was paid a decent price – perfect!

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