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jeff de bruges shopI have a terrible habit of working late.  I say it is a terrible habit and not everyone would think putting in a regular week of overtime per month is anything too dramatic.  When you have a 3h commute it is a terrible habit and it prevents me from doing things like shopping and enjoying being in London.  Not that I should – and if I shopped any more I might as well just have work make my monthly paycheck out to Selfridges because, let’s face it, everything in there is just scrummy yummy delicious (and so is the food!).  So I suppose you could say my husband is eternally grateful to work for ensuring I am prevented from shopping.

It was a Friday when I decided to run out of the office early after seeing Raks was at the shop.  Raks is the owner of the Jeff de Bruges shop in London.  Not far from Selfridges actually, Jeff de Bruges is a shop tucked down a side street just the other side of Oxford Street.  Not far at all from Ben’s Cookies (thus near that giant Boots) and close to such shops as Butler and Wilson and other fun things, Jeff de Bruges in London is down a fantastic pedestrianised street called South Moulton Street and lists its address as Mayfair, one of the more desirable addresses in London.

jeff de bruges shop chocolatesThe shop itself is around about half way down the street.  They have an ice cream cart outside in the summer (and perhaps a hot chocolate cart in the winter?) and a beautiful interior.  It is absolutely breathtaking inside.  As you walk up to the store, the chocolate brown and aquamarine green/blue colours start to take shape.  Walking in the door, you are greeted on your right with a chocolate counter and on yor left by display shelves of different types of chocolates, all packaged by Raks and his team in the shop.  The interior makes you immediately stop, slow down and take a deep, calming breath as I experienced.  Having walked as fast as I dared in heels for 20minutes, the interior of the shop had a profound effect on slowing me down – as did the staff.

Jeff de Bruges is a franchise but that doesn’t make the staff any less passionate.  Raks himself is extremely passionate about the chocolates and after taking note of my likes and dislikes, recommended to me a series of chocolates which I bought.  He also ensured I tried the rose summer collection chocolates.

jeff de bruges shop chocolates insideThe shop offerings are diverse.  With everything from gorgeous cocoa pod hot chocolate to collections of chocolates to their signature coronets of praline, there is something for everyone.  Indeed Clairidges VIP guests will already know Jeff de Bruges’ chocolates (lucky so-and-sos) and soon hopefully other hotel patrons will too.

The chocolates themselves are Barry Callebaut so you know what you are getting.  They will have a good shelf life, have a particular taste and while I applaud what they are trying to do with their single origin stuff, Soma has spoiled me forever, as have William Curley and Paul A Young (if not also Paul Wayne Gregory, Duffy, Lauden, etc…).  The chocolates are yummy though and so it is easy to spoil yourself with a nice box.  Sold by weight and chosen by you, you know there will never be one you don’t like in the batch.

All in all Jeff de Bruges is as lovely shop with lovely staff and lovely chocolates often presented in a visually stunning style.  Can’t decide? Grab the cocoa pod hot chocolate on a stick because it is either a decadent lolly or a great hot choc.

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  1. Colleen Bowman says:

    I would like to order some of your candy and was wondering what the cost would be in US funds.

    Thank you


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