Harrods Lattice Egg Reviewed

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harrods easter eggThere’s something weird about getting an Easter egg with corners I just cannot put my finger on. Despite that, it’s still a wonderful novelty and even more than that is the beautiful lattice-work that has been executed to create it.

There are two halves and when cracked open (carefully – trust me, I’m an expert) it reveals the squiggles of chocolate inside. This is just amazing! Look at all the chocolate inside!
harrods easter egg
Just because it is a lattice egg doesn’t mean they skimp on the chocolate. There is actually 380g of milk chocolate in this scrumptious egg.

As far as the chocolate goes, it was slightly too sweet for me but if you read this blog, you know I adore dark chocolate as well as darker milk so of course it will be a bit sweet for me. So if you like something less bitter, but sweeter, I’m sure you’ll love the egg.
harrods easter egg
I would say, spread a sheet out before eating it was it crumbles but part of the joy of eating this egg is the way the chocolate just crumbles as you eat it.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS the inside looks incredible!!!!!!

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