Genuine Jelly Bellies 50 Flavours Review

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Genuine Jelly Bellies 50 FlavoursIt has been awhile since I ate Jelly Bellies and I’ve been gifted some “Jelly Bean Factory” in the mean time and I forgot just how delicious genuine Jelly Belly mini jelly beans are.  When you think of candy and jelly beans, you don’t really think that flavours could be that different. Well, I was reminded by these that there *is* a difference.

The genuine Jelly Bellies I was sent had 50 different flavours and while I didn’t try all of them, I tried most of them – repeatedly. I loved the sweet but slightly sour flavour of the raspberry, the delightful cherry, the yummy blueberry and the fun pomegranate. There were so many flavours but what really struck me was how defined the flavours were and how strong.

jelly belliesThe different mini jelly beans had quite different flavours with popcorn going quickly and getting lauded by the staff at the office. It seemed as though everyone had a different favourite and the box quickly was decimated because of the flavour.  The tutti fruity was genuinely a melange of fruit flavours, the chocolate did taste of chocolate (though was not my favourite) and the wild blackberry was absolutely delicious – much better than Vimto!

Genuine Jelly Bellies 50 FlavoursThe blueberry was yummy but lemon lime was the perfect citrus acidic balance and it reminded me why I love genuine Jelly Belies.  There is just no comparison between genuine Jelly Bellies and their competitors. The flavour of the real thing means cherry cola tastes like cherry cola and not just synthetic chemicals.

I’m so genuinely grateful to have been sent these to remind me that there’s nothing like the real thing. Experience the real thing yourself and when buying mini jelly beans make sure you buy Jelly Bellies. You’ll discover what I rediscovered – there’s nothing like the real thing!

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  1. Kavey says:

    There’s definitely no question in my mind. Jelly Belly are my favourite. There are some good competitors but not at same level. I’ve not tried many of their newer flavours, as not had many recently, but have always loved them… treat us now and again…

  2. Fili Wiese says:

    Jelly Belly are the best! No question about it 🙂

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