Coffee Crisp Easter Egg

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Coffee Crisp – it is the thing that sets Canadians apart from Americans. Its that chocolate bar where as Canadians we said “You know what this chocolate bar needs? A hit of caffeine!” and made it so. It is what sets us apart and is as much a part of our nation’s proud heritage as Tim Hortons and the Second Cup.

coffee crisp easter eggSo as a Canuck, you can imagine my delight and surprise when upon visiting my local corner store I saw a display of these beauties in a box on the floor. You know, one of those stand-up cardboard display boxes. Interestingly the Turtle ones were sold out but they have plenty of Coffee Crisps left. That should have been a warning really…

So there I was… Coffee Crisp Easter egg in my hand. I had high hopes. As a Canadian, I had pinned my nation’s pride on this egg. How would they handle wafers, whipped filling *and* coffee? All I had to do was try some…

coffee crisp easter egg openWell, as you can see that filling looks more like sick than filling. And what’s worse, it doesn’t taste anything like a Coffee Crisp. It is a poor substitute for my beloved Coffee Crisp (original). Shame on you Nestle – I know you are capable of much better. Next year I want to see a new one that’s even better!

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  1. Jessica says:

    I thought exactly the same thing when I (foolishly) tried this last spring!

    • Judith Lewis says:

      Ya… you can never recapture that joy and pleasure – the sheer thrill of Easter as a kid when you’re an adult and review high quality chocolate 🙂

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