Ghirardelli Filled Easter Eggs Review

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I’m always unsure when I buy a ton of crap errrr… chocolate… whether I should review themes in a single blog post or multiple. I was tempted to break this up but I’ve decided to keep it as a single due to the recent events in my offline life.

ghirardelli crispy eggs packageMilk & Crisp Chocolate Eggs – small just like you remember them from your Easter egg hunting days, these are the perfect size to hide around *and* they have the added benefit of being pretty much solid (as you can see by my awful hack job on cutting them). This means accidental squishes do not result in leakages and that’s a plus for me on the egg hunt as who really watches where they are running? I still don’t… Anyway, these are solid and so you’re in for a chew and it has the typical Ghirardelli chocolate which is better than Nestle so really, every reason to buy some!ghirardelli crispy eggs



ghirardelli peanut butter eggs packageMilk & Peanut Butter – my years in the UK mean I am often chocolate and peanut butter bereft. I know, I can accidentally smash into someone eating peanut butter while eating chocolate and decry “hey, you got peanut butter all over my chocolate” but this is way easier. The filling isn’t quite solid but it isn’t too squidgy as you can see by the generous chocolate shell and the peanut butter is lovely and delicious with a proper peanut butter flavour and not one of oil and sugar. All in all, I love that they got some chocolate in my peanut butter 🙂ghirardelli peanut butter eggs




ghirardelli caramel filled eggs packageMilk & Caramel – I was possibly most critical of this in my own mind because of my love for this taste combination. I think the chocolate is lovely and the caramel is mellower than I would have expected with a molasses flavour that comes through and is nicely balanced with the chocolate. It isn’t top end but it is lovely and mine… or is it?ghirardelli caramel filled eggs

I’ve got an extra bag of these little darlings to give away so if you’d like to win one, just leave a comment about your fondest Easter egg hunt memory. I love hearing about all your adventures and I just love reading through the comments during a competition when I get to hear all about your adventures.

Entry is free, I’ll draw a random winner April 15th, UK only, you can enter with an Easter memory comment in Facebook and/or the blog here and/or you can tweet “Easter memories of chocolate eggs are sweeter right now at the Mostly About Chocolate Blog” so there are 3 ways to enter for a total of 3 entries per person. will be used to choose the winner. My decision final. No substitutions. It’s a blog, not a company, yadda yadda yadda.

YAY! Joanne B Has WON the eggs! These aren’t available here yet 🙁 but I’ll be giving away Soma chocolate soon!

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38 Responses to Ghirardelli Filled Easter Eggs Review

  1. coversnail says:

    My only Easter Egg hunt memories was from when we did a big one in a nearby forest set up by the forestry commission. We had to find big pictures of Easter Eggs attached to trees, really don’t remember any chocolate being involved at any point though, I suspect parental thievery!!

  2. mummy24 says:

    i dont really remember ever doing any easter hunts when i was little (although i do remember getting lots of eggs). My daughter is getting to the age to be interested in this though so going to do one for her this year and hopefully it will be good fun for her!

  3. claire says:

    they sound delicious 🙂

    my favourite memories aren’t as a child, but as an adult watching through my child – i love making easter egg hunts for my children.

  4. tasmith says:

    Ok, it’s not until I had a little think for this that I realised at almost 25 I’ve never taken part in an Easter egg hunt! How sad is that?! Now just to wait for my little boy to get a bit bigger then we’ll have to do some for him so he doesn’t miss out like his mummy has!

  5. liz denial says:

    My favourite easter egg hunt was just a few years ago, not for the kids but for the adults. We hid the eggs all over my house, garden & even in the woods beyond in a Mission Impossible style, throwing ourselves on the ground, rolling around with pretend guns, we even wore hanging basket liners as army helmets & it was so funny seeing people climbing trees or on top of the garage to get to the eggs.

  6. katherinesara says:

    Last year was the first year with our dog and she loved helping the girls look for their eggs, this year we are going to do one for the dog too with doggy easter eggs!

  7. bevleek says:

    I have a lot of memories of the Easter Fair. As well as the fab rides, black peas and candyfloss. They used to have a pot stall in which the adults bid on crockery etc. The smell of the fair today, always helps bring those memories to mind. 🙂

  8. castleton says:

    Last year was my grandaughter’s first Easter Egg Hunt.It was fantastic

  9. jade says:

    My favourite easter egg hunt was a couple of years ago with my little brother his little face was priceless running around looking for easter eggs 🙂

  10. jogette says:

    I used to make an Easter Egg Hunt for my two sons with both small and medium size eggs. It was fun to watch them darting around the garden looking for them with whoops of delight when one was found. (I also had some in my pocket so that the littlest one could ‘find’ as many as his eldest brother. Much more enjoyable than my memories of just pigging out and feeling thoroughly bleugh afterwards!

  11. Dee says:

    My best memory is of when I was in the Brownies (years ago) we did a treasure hunt and had to find little lengths of yellow wool tied to trees and then wrap them around a cardboard chicken ,the first to fill their chicken won a basket of mini chocolate eggs ,great fun ,have played it with my own children since

  12. reniannen says:

    Each year my dad would lay a trail of clues around the house for me and my sister to follow to find our eggs. We would compete to see who could find theirs fastest and my favourite memory is when I accidentally managed to by-pass several clues and got to my egg way before she did!

  13. My favourite Easter memory is when we had family visiting from Australia when I was young and we took them to a local tourist spot called Scrabo Tower where there was a giant hill to roll our eggs down. I always loved using flowers to dye our hard boiled eggs then paint faces on them and race them down the hill. I can’t believe I still ate mine after it had rolled through the mucky grass and smashed at the bottom!

  14. beauvoir says:

    A local heritage site used to hide thousands of eggs around a neolithic monument on Easter Sunday. My favourite memory is spending several hours with my brother searching every nook and cranny of the site, finding in total around 50 (mini) eggs! I’ve never learnt so much about history!

  15. Georgina Ball says:

    When I was little, me and my brother, and my cousins, would all go round my Grandmas and she’d set up a easter egg hunt. She’d use little glass dessert bowls, with straw/hay in and a few foil covered eggs. They’d be hidden round their old farmhouse yard and it was great fun!

  16. Joanne B says:

    Favourite Easter memories of egg hunts run by the local council – loads of kids hunting for the shiny wrapped eggs & over zealous parents bashing the kiddies out of the way! Fab xx

  17. paris says:

    as a child we never had easter egg hunts but as a teacher i have arranged them. as i had a deprived childhood i am always seriosly tempted to find all the eggs myself!!

  18. jaynehyman says:

    It’s quite sad to think that I’ve never taken part in an Easter egg hunt before, but this has inspired to set up one for my over-grown child (aka boyfriend!), especially since alot of the supermarkets are selling them for £1 this year!

  19. Lucy says:

    I have a great memory of an Easter egg hunt with the kids from next door. If I remember correctly it was very competitive and I got a telling off for something or other!

  20. dawnyj says:

    My favourite easter egg hunts were the ones set up by my mum for me and my brother. The last clue was always ‘now come back up to mum and dad and tell them of the fun you had’ and that was when we got our big easter eggs. It was always loads of fun!

  21. candykisses18 says:

    My favourite easter hunt memory is my nephews first time! we created a easter hunt for him at Hamsterley Forest as he had missed theirs the week before and he loved every minute. We made clues on pieces of cards in the shapes of bunnys and ducks and hid them for him to find with a small bag of mini eggs. the big prizes was a massive buttons egg (his favourite).

  22. chris2 says:

    My easter egg memorie was boiling eggs in coloured water and rolling them down the castle hill

  23. Solange says:

    I’ve never been on an Easter Egg Hunt(not that I can recall or remember)

  24. cathy says:

    NEVER DID ONE WHEN I WAS a child but when my daughter did her 1st the dog kept finding them all before her

  25. jakesmum says:

    I never had an easter egg hunt as a child my mum just used to give them to us after dinner 🙁 so when my son was 2 I started hiding his eggs round the livingroom on easter sunday morning whilst he waited with daddy sat on the stairs with a basket. Then we would play hotter and colder until he found them all. He is 10 now and we hide them for his 3 year old sister and he helps her ‘look’.

  26. Helen B says:

    We had a great Easter egg hunt in the garden as children and just as we had finished it started to rain really heavily.

  27. chelbo1239 says:

    We go on an Easter Egg Hunt every year with my daughter. To pick just one memory would be impossible!

  28. kemo_2002 says:

    we went to a local one in my village when i was younger, little mini eggs were hidden around the farm and we had to find them (whatever we found we kept! ) it was great!

  29. velladabest says:

    as a child, my mum used to hide choc and sweets around the house for me and my brother, once we had found one, there was always a clue to where the next one was!

  30. kiki_725 says:

    I have never been on an easter egg hunt 🙁 My parents are boring and just gave us our eggs.

  31. JoJo says:

    My favourite Easter memory is the year that I found chocolate ladybirds and I hid them all around the house for my little girls to find. Because they were smaller than eggs it kept the hunt going much longer 🙂

  32. Bottle feeding a one day old lamb is my favourite Easter memory!

  33. Michelle Kinsey says:

    My favourite Easter memories are from when I was little. Every Good Friday, we’d go to the parade in the town centre dressed in our new Easter clothes. We’d follow the parade up to the church near my grandparents house and get an Orange, then went back to our grandparents, where the adults had hidden lots of hard boiled, coloured eggs around the house and gardens. We’d spend hours collecting them all up for little prizes. It went on for hours. Now I’m all grown up and its time to do it for my little boy and my niece this year 🙂 x

  34. Allan says:

    Favourite easter egg hunt memory is planning an egg hunt for my grandchildren, hiding eggs in the garden and making up clues for them. Nice to see them all excited when they find the eggs.

  35. Jane says:

    I remember as a child always being slightly embarrased by easter egg hunts because I always thought it was for little kids and I was far too grown up for things like that

  36. @Morrighani says:

    I used to love Easter cos we got presents! Not chocolate, like actual presents! It was mini Christmas. I love my mum being a Weight Watchers leader – no chocolate, but actual cool stuff.

    Mind you, now I’d prefer the chocolate lol

  37. ZoshJosh says:

    My fondest Easter Egg Hunt memory is one year when all the kids were small (I myself never had egg hunts as a child). We were in my in laws very large garden and spent 4 hours hunting the eggs down. The eggs had been hidden really well by their grandparents. The kids and I were exhausted after it but it was an afternoon enjoyably spent and lots of hard work was put in, but worth it.

  38. Joanne B says:

    Thanks Judith – look forward to trying them! xx

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