Soma Chocolate Easter Egg Review

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Easter is a time for chocolate. I remember getting sugary, fatty eggs for Easter from my parents/the Easter Bunny (because as we all know, it is really the Easter Bunny that brings Easter eggs 😉 ). I remember getting Maple Buds and absolutely loving them. I mourned the day they stopped making Maple Buds *sobs*.

So on to the modern era when chocolate is now full of a lot more nasty stuff than I remember it being full of and people are looking for alternatives. Well, *adults* are looking for grown-up eggs because quite frankly this will be wasted on the kids… Yaaaaa…. don’t give it away… keep it for yourself!

So this egg… it is a really heavy egg but I ate it before I weighed it… sorry… Anyway, it is heavy. I was struggling to eat it all… at times… but then I remembered I had to leave it behind and continued to munch my way through it. So this egg is, as you can see, quite thick. I used a knife to open it. Not, traditionalists among you may argue that any Easter egg should be able to be manually broken and given some time I am confident that I would have been able to break it. Wanting instead to immediately get into the egg, find the prize inside and eat the chocolate, I used a knife.

Besides the thick dark chocolate shell (and it comes in milk too!), there is a wonderful surprise inside – a macadamia nut jawbreaker made of chocolate, macadamia nuts and is delicious. The egg itself is all chocolate. The clear cellophane it comes in is the only packaging there is. No cardboard bok, no plastic trays, not excessive packaging – just a simple clear plastic bag and the egg. Even the way they make the egg stand up is environmentally friendly – it is on a base of delicious solid dark chocolate. Even more for me… I mean to share with friends and family!

This egg is delightful. From the spackled chocolate exterior complete with additional chocolate drizzling making each one unique, to the chocolate base, this egg is extraordinary. Even better, you can start your kids off right with the milk chocolate version. Less sugar and oil than the cheap chocolate and more deliciousness. So you’d best also grab one of those ultra-cute chocolate bunnies too!

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