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When the original Second egg came out, it was amazing. It came in several sizes (not mini interestingly) and it was the most lush thing I had ever tried. It was the one candy I got a smaller one of because I knew I just could not eat it all and I’d want to and yet I knew I’d be sick if I tried so it was the one thing I was reasonable with.

I think the old saying is true that you can never go back. As you can see, unlike the smaller ones this one clearly has a yellow interior and yet like the smaller one, there is no difference in taste. The inside is sticky interior and it all tastes the same. Not too sickly sweet but I’m really disappointed. Thicker shell then on minis but still not as I remember them.

In my mind, the inside is smooth but the yellow is thicker. It is sweet but the yellow has this different distinctive buttercream flavour. In reality the inside is of uniform flavour and while different colours, there is nothing distinctive about it. I’m really disappointed. I’m not sure if the recipe has changed, my memory has changed or my tastes have changed.

Then I went on to the Superior egg. Now, in my childhood I was never a fan of this egg so I was coming at it with fresh eyes and an uncluttered mind (as it were). I had no preconceived notions but I do love Laura Secord so I wanted it to be good. It wasn’t great. The sticky chocolate buttercream was a carrier for the cashew nuts which at least were nice. But this egg just wasn’t what it could be. There is a lot of potential to make this a really nice treat – caramelise the cashews, make the buttercream nicer – but they went with the easy/cheap option. Sad.

Lastly I tried the crunchy peanut butter egg mainly because I was foolishly treating this like a chocolate tasting. Who exactly was I kidding? I actually didn’t mind this one and I think fo the three I can say that I actually liked this egg. As you can see it even has a vaguely egg-shaped sizing and it is, I think, larger than my beloved Secord egg. The peanut butter egg here has a crunchy peanut centre with peanuts & crisps inside which you can clearly see is both a different colour and festooned with inclusions. Then you have the peanut butter which I used to say was hard to screw up but now realise it is just as easy to mess up peanut butter as anything else.

All in all I was overwhelmingly disappointed. The Secord egg has really gone downhill since my childhood and I am disappointed by the lack of quality. I really feel that with the increase in good-quality chocolate shops popping up all over that Laura Secord really has to up its game or risk losing their loyal fan base.

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