Carluccio’s Easter Selection Reviewed

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sugar eggsI have to admit, I was unsure what  fish had to do with Easter when I received the press release from Carluccio’s but I thought why the heck not. I mean, what have bunnies, lambs and badgers got to do with it (except for the whole being born thing… celebration of spring… that sort of gubbins) so why not a fish? Besides the fish, I also got a lovey clear box of some of the most realistic-looking Easter eggs I’ve ever had (top tip – do not try and bite them.. OUCH!)

chocolate fishSo – fish and their relationship to Easter.  You may remember vaguely something to do with fishes and loaves and miracles and Jesus and then you may remember that Jesus has something to do with Easter. Not to detract from the whole Easter bunny and egg thing but there is more to it than that.

sugar eggs openDark Chocolate Sugar-Coated Eggs – absolutely thick, absolutely real-looking and absolutely fun. If you have someone in your life who prefers dark chocolate but wants something fun or if you want to experiment with your kids, this is a bit of fun. I had to use a knife and a hammer to get in to this as repeatedly smashing against the countertop simply chipped the surface slightly. That is just how thick the chocolate and sugar shell are. These certainly could get mistaken for real eggs until you tried to take the shell off and found yourself soliciting help from all around you to get into the egg. These would be fun at an Easter brunch where lots of food was being served as a kind of trick. Place a bowl of these which look like real eggs out, let people take them and have a giggle as people try and peel them. Then maybe take out the hammer and chisel.
chocolate fish openChocolate Fish – this is absolutely a treat for kids. All that sweet chocolate and the toy inside the body of the fish – absolutely for kids. Yes, you read that right – I got a toy inside my fish! So not only did I get a fun foil-covered sweet milk chocolate fish, I also got a toy inside. Mine was a fish mobile phone charm which was super cute. The chocolate itself was far too sweet for me but I would imagine that the more youthful among the Easter crowd would absolutely love that sweet chocolate. The chocolate is also quite thick so you are getting  substantial amount of chocolate and you get to say you bit the head off a chocolate fish rather than dull bunny heads and ears.
The fish and the eggs from Carluccios are a lot of fun for Easter. Both will bring unexpected fun. Both are very sweet with the milk chocolate fish being excessively sweet and the eggs with their sugar coating being very sweet but surely that is what Easter is about when you’re young… enough sugar to put you in a diabetic coma 🙂

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  1. immogen says:

    The eggs that look real we used to have years ago but they had a milk chocolate lining. I used to buy them in Woolworths. The secret of the hard shell is to suck it. They do last a long time but sucking at one end soon leads to the chocolate inner then you can crunch away if you wish. I look for these eggs every year and have been unsuccessful.

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