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thorntons christmas

A Very Thorntons Christmas

I really like Thorntons chocolate. It’s a bit sweet but every so often I get a hankering for sweet chocolate and I always dip in to my Thorntons stash. One of the things I loved from last year was the center ...

Lily O’Brien Chocolate Gift Bag & Gift Chocolates Box

I’m a sucker for girly things and I’ve always admired the Hotel Chocolat window pane bags as a gift. If I didn’t have so much chocolate all the time I’d probably buy myself one as a gift because I just ...

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Chocolate & Wine Bring The Ultimage Relaxation Moment on a Friday Eve

Stressed Brits needing a break should clear their diaries at 8.38pm this Friday, head to the living room sofa, dim the lights and set the thermostat for precisely 19.8 degrees Celsius. New research from Lindt EXCELLENCE released today reveals that ...

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holdsworth chocolate box inside

Holdsworth Handmade Chocolates – Sensational & Renaissance Collections

I was gifted these chocolates by the company in order to review them. I have to admit that, despite Holdsworth Chocolates having been around since 1988, I had not yet encountered them. Mind you, I do have a blind spot ...

thorntons black forest

Thorntons Black Forest Gateau Easter Egg Review

It’s Easter which means my office and I are all gaining weight because of the sheer volume of eggs. If it wasn’t the Divine honeycomb bees that I swear went so fast I was almost killed in the rush, to ...

thorntons easter

Thorntons 1kg Marvelously Magnificent Chocolate Easter Egg

At Easter, size isn't everything but it certainly makes an impact. This 1 kilogram Easter egg from Thorntons caused no end of comments from almost everyone I passed on the street when  took it from where I had collected it ...

raspberry caramel hearts chocs

Valentine’s Raspberry Caramel Hearts by House of Dorchester Reviewed

There's something lovely and traditional about receiving a box of chocolate hearts. It’s Valentine’s without you having to shout it. Getting something that is a bit different. Most people like something sweet so it is important to make sure that ...

monty bojangles truffles

Monty Bojangles French Cocoa Dusted Cookie Truffles

There's something about a well-dressed, well-mannered cat that is just absolutely fascinating and enamouring all at once. Pair that up with melt-in-your-mouth truffles and you might be on to an irresistible combination – or Monty Bojangles truffles. I think that Monty ...

vanilla chilli hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate Spoons from Vanilla Chilli

Without a speck of chilli in sight (thank goodness) I received this extremely cute package of chocolate spoons from Vanilla Chilli chocolates. Two white and two milk chocolate spoons with a small pack of marshmallows each came through the post ...

house of dorchester christmas chocolate tree

House of Dorchester British Christmas Chocolates Reviewed

We all love a bit of variety in our lives but sometimes we love something so much, we don’t want to risk only having one or two of our favourite chocolates in the box. This is why sometimes we choose ...

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