Lily O’Brien Chocolate Gift Bag & Gift Chocolates Box

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I’m a sucker for girly things and I’ve always admired the Hotel Chocolat window pane bags as a gift. If I didn’t have so much chocolate all the time I’d probably buy myself one as a gift because I just love the ribbon handles and the beautifully displayed contents.

I was thrilled to get some chocolates from Lily O’Brien which included a bag with turquoise ribbon handles and three boxes of chocolates inside – some really fun looking chocolates and two boxes of chocolates.

The chocolate boxes certainly looked inviting and they had the citest sayings on the outside!

The box inside also looked like it had absolutely adorable chocolates decorated to look beautiful in the window of the bag. I’m sure they are made with the greatest of care.

Sadly, my delivery melted en route and I was heartbroken to discover everything melted. I debated not writing the review but I loved the look of everything and I know a number of you buy these chocolates and so I wanted you to at least know that this existed and looked beautiful.

There was also a really high quality box of flavoured chocolates that sadly also met an early demise. The box was quite sturdy and there was a magnet closure – very high quality. The chocolates inside all have the beautiful patterning and were stunning but sadly also ruined by the heat.

All in all, the packaging was absolutely stunning and the chocolates did look beautiful but as they were bloomed it would not have been fair to review them the the fault lied solely with Royal Mail for that.

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