House of Dorchester British Christmas Chocolates Reviewed

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house of dorchesterWe all love a bit of variety in our lives but sometimes we love something so much, we don’t want to risk only having one or two of our favourite chocolates in the box. This is why sometimes we choose to buy a whole box of nothing but sea salted caramels (come on – I know I’m not the only one) and sometimes we buy a whole box of gingerbread or a whole box of yule logs just to make sure our favourites are plentiful.

With House of Dorchester, a great BRITISH chocolate-maker on the south coast of the UK making their chocolates in Dorset, your sweet cravings can be satisfied! There was this delicious Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree with delightful gold ball and chocolate star ornaments. The gold ornaments are like mini Malteesers or something and they are absolutely AMAZING! I kept breaking off bits with the balls on them and just eating the gold bal ornaments but also munched on the lovely milk chocolate. It’s a ton of fun and there is a lot of chocolate in there for anyone who likes milk of dorchester christmas chocolate tree

This milk chocolate Christmas tree seems to be something children *and* adults will like so mu advise is if you see it in Waitrose or anywhere, buy 2 – one for you, one for the kids. That way they can fight over who got more stars or gold balls on their pieces while the adults strategically calculate which piece to take. I also do this with a mixed cookie selection 😉


house of dorchester chocolate logsThe Yule Log Chocolate Truffles are likely a firm favourite. The chocolate coating is not too thick as you can see meaning the crunchy praline in the centre has a lot more punch. While I’ll almost always choose a ganache over a praline, if I got one of these with my Christmas coffee I would absolutely have a ball munching it. Perfect for after a big or small dinner as a dessert chocolate on the holiday, there will be no squabbling over who got the nicer chocolate or who are all the custard creams (I swear it wasn’t me…) – you’ll all have the same lovely chocolate.

house of dorchester chocolate gingerbreadThe Gingerbread Chocolate Truffles with their orange swirl, echo the orange filling as you can se. They have a really interesting flavour as the gingerbread has been slightly muted by the addition of other flavours. Overall a very nice flavour though with some in my office commenting on how much they loved them and would be buying them. With a whole box of the same flavour, this stops argiments and you can also see they are hand made by the individual finish on each chocolate.

Over all, the House of Dorchester have some sweet chocolate treats. They are a very reasonable price point and they are delicious. Seek them out at Waitrose, John Lewis, Booths and ELSEWHERE

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