Montezuma’s Chocolate Christmas Yummies

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Montezuma’s Chocolate Christmas Yummies christmas baublesWhat is going on your tree this year? Same old decorations? Relying on the same chocolate yummies you always do? Now, I’m not saying you have to ditch the bucket of Malteesers or tub of Heroes (we don’t do Quality Street in my home  😉 ) but I’m suggesting that you might want to add some new snowballs to your Christmas chocolate selection. And all those baubles you’ve used for years and years…? Why not glitz the tree up with a few new baubles?



orange geranium snowballsOrange  Geranium Chocolate Snowballs – They are thick and do not break in half easily – I should have used a knife. These were flavoured interestingly. I’m not a huge chocolate and orange fan and I’m not a geranium fan but together they actually are not too bad. The flavour is like a citrusy floral but without being overpowering. The white chocolate makes it sweeter than the dark chocolate would have been on its own and that makes these but more palatable. Now, I know they aren’t Malteesers but surely as a bit of a change from the usual it’ll bring your taste buds a bit of happy fun this holiday season – and sweetness 😉 They are sweet even though they have a dark chocolate filling so for those of you looking for more of a savoury delight, these aren’t for you. They wouldn’t work anyway – the orange and geranium is perfect with the dark but sweet chocolate with the white chocolate – I don’t think it would have worked otherwise.

chocolate christmas baublesMilk Chocolate Baubles are sweet milk chocolate deliciousness. I do love a bit of Montezuma’s milk chocolate and these baubles are just the trick. I love that I had to review them so had an excuse to eat one but I’ve promised the rest will go on the tree. I was soooo in the mood for sweet milk chocolate when I was reviewing these I almost “accidentally” broke a second one but I’ve expressed my enjoyment of Montezuma’s milk choc before. I predict they won’t last to Christmas but the thought is there (as long as husband doesn’t simply leave the wrappers on the tree)! These are a light ball (as in weight-wise) of hollow milk chocolate (obv – thus how they are able to work on the tree). I did crush one and eat it all before I photo’d it but you can see proof it is milk chocolate at least 😉 They have a light ribbon so you can either tie a knot on the top or tie it on the tree but do not place near a light. They may seem tiny but the lights will melt the chocolate.

All in all these are sweet treats for those times (and there are many) when all you want is some yummy milk chocolate sweet deliciousness.

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