York Chocolate Stout Reviewed

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york chocolate stoutNo, this isn’t beer made from a chocolate bar. Yes this is a beer with a cocoa element to it.

I was given this beer as a gift by Sophie from York Cocoa House in York. She had work in collaboration with the brewer to create this beer. Now, I’ve had double chocolate stout before so I was pretty sure I knew what it would be like and was prepared to be underwhelmed.

I was blown away.

The chocolate stout has a nose of the most amazing cocoa. I think it has to have been Madagascan or Venezuelan because the cocoa notes were so gorgeous and pronounced. The flavour was rich and not sickly sweet. There was a deep flavour, enhanced perfectly by the cocoa. There was no hint of anything being added or artificial – this was all from nibs being a part of the process. Custom made beer brewed to perfection.

It was *not* like drinking a chocolate bar nor did it bear any resemblance to hot chocolate or cold chocolate or anything like that. It was, however, distinctly chocolaty. This was a GORGEOUS beer! BUY SOME!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE chocolate stouts and have tried many from this and that side of the pond. In Manitoba Canada where I live, we have Half Pints small batch brewery that makes Stir Stick Stout. It’s made from chocolate hops and Sumatra Mandheling coffee that also has cocoa notes in it. That beer paired with dark chocolate brownies (think Paul A. Young) is divine!

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