Win Toblerone With My Toblerone or Us! [closed]

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That’s right – Toblerone (a favourite in my fondue pot to be sure) has launched a new website and they are giving away prizes including a 4.5kg bar of Toblerone!
It’s actually a really cute site and it looks loads of fun. I love the way each entry is a triangle on the bar.

One of the best things I think is the press release I got which had some of the best, most hilarious illustrations on it including the suggestion in line drawing of how to break a Toblerone triangle off using a spiked fence post!

Go on – give it a try and add something to the site.

In fact, add a comment about your favourite thing to do with Toblerone, a memory or something else Swiss/Toblerone-y here too and I’ll give one lucky random commenter a bar (smaller than 4.5kg I’m afraid) I’ll choose a winner after going shopping on Saturday May 7th 🙂
As usual this is for the UK only, this is just a blog so there is no cash alternative, I use to pick, my decision is final, this Toblerone will probably from Sainsbury’s 🙂

***WOOOOO*** tigga_1961 has WON! The contest is now closed! Watch for the next one!

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129 Responses to Win Toblerone With My Toblerone or Us! [closed]

  1. coversnail says:

    I haven’t had a Toblerone for ages, used to get them quite often as a birthday prezzie but that seems to have dried up now! Remember the last one a bought a year or so ago was very reluctant to have its triangles broken off, think I burnt off as many calories fighting with it as I did from eating it 🙂

  2. catmiaow says:

    NOM NOM NOM This would be a dream come true if I won this 😀

  3. princesssmithee says:

    I love toblerone ! I used to have one of the massive ones every week and i couldnt go without haha. Come to think of it, i really fancy a toblerone right now!

  4. Li Young says:

    my daughters bought their daddy the really large toblerone for Fathers day a few years ago – messing about he clonked daughter on the head – just messing about – ended up in casualty with a cut head!!

  5. mummy24 says:

    i love toblerone – i normally break off a bit and put the rest in the fridge plannning to save the rest for later but no doubt end up breaking bit by bit off throughout the day till its gone!

  6. Lakshmi says:

    Mum always used to buy a giant bar of Toblerone at the airpot.

  7. BabbityBee says:

    I made a fantastic birthday cake for my son in February – just wished I’d taken photos – it was a chocolate castle and I used assemble toblerone triangles all around the top!!! I added lego soldiers, etc and it looked fantastic!!!

  8. feefeegabor says:

    OOoh – I LOVE Toblerone! My mum and I used to share it when I was still living at home. We’d sit and watch EastEnders (in the Angie & Den days) and munch on a bar of Toblerone – yum.

  9. liindac123 says:

    i do love a toblerone

  10. livip says:

    I do love Toblerone! Always used to get it for every Christmas and Birthday cos my family knew I loved it so much. Have only seen the 4.5kg in the ‘flesh’ once in my life and it looked incredible! Think it was taller than me as I was quite young at the time!

  11. MDJ says:

    not had a toblerone for years 🙁
    would love to win one 🙂

  12. beauvoir says:

    I love the richness of the chocolate 🙂

  13. ridz19 says:

    yum yum yum.

  14. lexy says:

    i love toblerone i always get them on occassions mothers day, birthday and christmas yummy!

  15. lizd31 says:

    Ooh how weird, I had a dream last night that somebody gave me a bar of toblerone. Am I destined to win this one?

  16. Angie Allen says:

    I took a photo of a Toblerone an my Gran thought it was a mountain Range ……Have taken her to Spec Savers Now

  17. homealone says:

    Toblerone is my favorite chocolate, I ate it one section at the time – last the joy for longer.

  18. sheils says:

    I always give my kids Toblerone at Xmas but no-one ever gives me one!

  19. pandapigmonkey says:

    Toblerone always reminds me of going skiing with my parents and a large circle of their friends. In Austria, not Switzerland, so for ages I thought Toblerone was Austrian. It was always part of the lunch box we took when going out for the day. Mmmh. I want some now!

  20. ssouthurst says:

    love toblerone, trouble is never get a look in, in my house, would love a bar to myself!

  21. annetwin88 says:

    I love Toblerone. Dad always brought some back when he went away on business.

  22. glennamy says:

    Heaven… I can taste the chocolate melting in my mouth, then chewing the nougat and licking the remainder of the chocolate off my teeth… mmmmmm

  23. prwilson says:

    My gran always used to bring me back a bar of Toblerone from the airport whenever she went away.

  24. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    we love toblerone each year my dads aunty would send us one each for christmas one of the big ones and out of all our christmas pressies this was the one i looked forward to most 🙂 now whenever i have toblerone it reminds me of her x

  25. downingarms says:


  26. orvile35 says:

    Toblerone always brings back memories of my childhood when I would always buy one whenever I went on a ferry with school trips. Still love them now and the taste always takes me back to happy times

  27. tigga_1961 says:

    toblerone is yummy

  28. Chrisie21 says:

    Toblerone is a real treat so delicious I can’t wait to eat!

  29. chelbo1239 says:

    I have quite fond memories of Toblerone. I used to buy my dad a large Toblerone every year for his birthday! He loved it! And now every year on his birthday I buy myself one, just for the memory!

  30. JB89 says:

    Ah Toblerone just reminds me of Christmas, being very full up after a roast lunch / dinner and then trying to eat a bar of Tobblerone!

  31. Barnabysue says:

    My Daughter just came back from Zurich and bought me a bar of Toblerone back, funnily enough it tasted just like the ones in the shops here 🙂

  32. scrumpy says:

    We always used to have one of these in our stockings at Christmas – each triangle would be lovingly savoured & I remember that wonderful crisp silver foil covering

  33. Rory Campion says:

    Mum mentioned she loved Toblerone once, she got Toblerone every birthday/Christmas/Easter for the next few years

  34. brex says:

    Love toblerone especially when family are out and I can relax with the whole bar to myself!

  35. slbhill says:

    I actually remember making my mouth bleed trying to bite off a triangle from a big toblerone! Not the best memory, I wasn’t too bright as a kid 😉

  36. babymumbles says:

    Love toblerone and so does my mum so would share it with her :0)

  37. jools says:

    I hated Toblerone as a child but I love it now.

  38. Karen R says:

    I used to always buy a large bar of Toblerone at the airport on holidays to use up all the left over euro’s!!

  39. Annette Brampton says:

    Would love to win some toblerone. I like breaking off each segment. This way it make it last longer.

  40. Gemma Harrison says:


  41. Karen Scammell says:

    Yum, I love Toblerone but I actually only tried it for the first time last year. Will definitely be having it more often now 🙂

  42. squizzles says:

    Toblerone reminds me of xmas as i always get a bar, it would b great to have one when it isn’t xmas!! xxxx ;o)

  43. tobyjackjack says:

    i LOVEEEEEEEEEEE toblerone , after years of never trying it , i finally had some last year …
    cant believe what i have been missing . i always have it on the plane instead of them giving me change now lol…
    Also , i try breaking a piece and having it later , but after about an hour , the whole thing has GONE lol .
    Really delicious chocolate !!!

  44. mattytun1514 says:

    I took a photo of a Toblerone an my Gran thought it was a mountain Range ……Have taken her to Spec Savers Now

  45. shell says:

    MMMMM Nice

  46. lottie says:

    Pop in a sandwich toaster on top of buttered fruit bread, place marshmallow, grated Toblerone (I know, Sacrilege)! Top with another slice of buttered fruit bread – toast until meltingly delicious! Honey, nougat, and pillowy marshmallow drifting between melted chocolate. Sorry dribbling now!

  47. paulinepppp says:

    I Love Toblerone, I dip it in my tea, and lick it to oblivion 🙂

  48. Valerie McCarthy says:

    I want Toblerone right about now. It would go great with my cuppuccino. Mmmm……. Now, I am realllllllly hungry! YUM!

  49. Perfection says:

    I’m a big fan of Toblerone’s,I used to have them as a kid,brings back happpy memories of me,and my brothers and sisters sharing them out,and then trying to eat a whole piece at a time,those were the good old care free happy days!!!

  50. kella34 says:

    I always get a Toblerone for my Dad on Fathers Day.

  51. sarah tulley says:

    I buy one of these anytime i go to an airport, love them! not had one for a while pleeease let me win! xx

  52. natalie hart says:

    Living close to Dover my mum and dad used to go on the ferry over to France every once in a while. Whenever they did, me and my sisters always knew they would bring us each back a great big Toblerone. Love the chocolate as well as the memories of being young again and the excitement of getting such a huge amount of chocolate 🙂

  53. Stacey Webb says:

    Toblerone always reminds me of flying home from holiday as myself & my fiance always buy a pack of the little mixed toblerone pieces on the plane on our way home as our last little treat to end the holiday – we usually eat too many and end up feeling totally stuffed & a little bit sick by the time we get home!

  54. cathyj says:

    i just love toblerone, slight problem, once i start it I have to finish it

  55. katherinesara says:

    |Toblerone is my absolute favourite!!!!

  56. Oldhamborn says:

    My Aunty Eunice used to buy my Dad a bar of Toblerone for Christmas every year without fail. Hardly worth wrapping it up because it was so obvious what it was!!!

  57. Milly Y says:

    Making Toblerone cookies is awesome!

  58. mitchell41 says:

    OMG this is my all time favourite chocolate, please let me win

  59. Milly says:

    My daughter is the Tolberone addict in our house… the rest of us don’t get a look in! She’s 16 on Monday, a bar of Tolberone would be a great berakfast for her.

    Yes, I did say breakfast. She will, believe me!

  60. callansmum says:

    Toblerone…its the one thing that makes coming back from holidays seem a bit brighter…!always buy them in the airport!!

  61. nadia says:

    Would love this xx haven’t had one for ages!!

  62. jcyclops says:

    Nearly every railway station in Switzerland has a vending machine that sells Toblerone. A lasting memory of my visit is watching the beautiful scenery from the train, munching triangles and humming the Toblerone jingle (Triangular Almonds from Triangular Trees, and Triangular Honey from Triangular Bees…)

  63. Rinsi24 says:

    Toblerone is my favourite chocolate! Always treat myself to a huge bar in the airport shop when jetting off on holiday!

  64. nikkicp says:

    I always get a toblerone or bag of mini toblerones when I’m at the airport going on holiday, so always associate them with holidays!

  65. JoJo says:

    I can remember as a kid having the most delicious Toblerone. It was snow capped so was milk chocolate on the bottom and white on the top. I wish I could find it again 🙂

  66. hayley says:

    mmmmm choccie. I used to get toblerones as a present for christmas. Havent had one for ages though x

  67. coco-chips says:

    Oh my…your blog post has got me craving toblerone!!

  68. debwh142 says:

    Oh one of my favourites reminds me of being a kid at Christmas always got one in my stocking

  69. Lisahaz says:

    Toblerone always reminds me of the time my Mum bit into a bar and her two (false) front teeth flew straight out!

  70. Paul Witney says:

    I say the best way to eat Toblerone is one piece at a time until it’s all gone!

  71. almac1965 says:

    I hated the way you could hurt the roof of your mouth trying to eat them. lol,

  72. druce26 says:

    would like to win this one please 🙂

  73. Littleme96 says:

    I remember being on holiday in Switzerland in the back of the car having driven from England, eating a massive white chocolate Toblerone that we’d bought on the ferry! Yum!

  74. Amber355 says:

    I love Toblerone – it always reminds me of going on holiday as a child. I have no idea why, but my Dad always used to buy a big bar for me at the duty free on the way back 🙂

  75. Jo says:

    Toblerone are not made for sharing!

  76. emmabarron says:

    toblerone reminds me of chocolate ski slopes

  77. Mary says:

    I used to sneak into my housemate’s room at uni and steal chunks off her Toblerone! Her fault for not eating it all at once and leaving it on her desk as a temptation for me!

  78. flyingfreedomxx says:

    I have only had toblerone once, I have no clue as to why??! please tell me why?! lol! I still remember the taste of the melty moreness and the triangular texture on my tongue. SO please let me try it again?!

  79. Ian B says:

    Can’t beat the chewy bits, and must be eaten from the fridge.

  80. mpad6869 says:

    The reason why Triangles are my favourite shape

  81. jakesmum says:

    this used to be the christmas treat, we would get one in our christmas stockings from father christmas along with the obligatory bottle of Mr Matey bubble bath 😀

  82. Hayley says:

    ohh i love toblerone! and i never share 🙂

  83. bizywizy says:

    buying the hugest bar possible when in France and keeping it in a cupboard taking a triangle daily. It showed great resistance from me as I am usually a gobbler and will munch loads.

  84. Sarah says:

    Really thought I was grown up the first time I received a toblerone in my stocking!

  85. Angie says:

    Toblerone reminds me of my brother as he loves them and every time we went anyhwere with a Duty free he would end up with a huge bar!

  86. Alison T says:

    I love Toblerone I always tell myself I’ll just have one piece but unfortunately my willpower is weak and I end up having a lot more.I also like to use it in baking it’s a great shape for decorating things with so it looks yummy and tastes yummy. 🙂

  87. littleboo21 says:

    My best friend loves toblerone and every year I make sure there is one in her Christmas stocking

  88. monkeyx says:

    Looking forward to eating mine 🙂

  89. Jo-Jo says:

    Omg…toblerone is delish, I love chewing the little bits of nouget inside..yum yum yum

  90. P Phillips says:

    Can you get toblerones in white chocolate.

  91. jayceejay says:

    My favourite chocolate.
    I love the way I can convince myself by sliding it out trangle by triangle, breaking them off one by one, that there is still lots left! Until there isn’t 🙁

  92. natz101 says:

    I love Toblerone and always have to get at least one at Christmas. It is always the first chocolatre bar to go!! 🙂

  93. Solange says:

    I love Toblerone

  94. emsmiff says:

    mmmmm, definitely one of my fav’s (and hubby’s, but I wouldn’t tell him if I won mwahahahaha)

  95. wotnot says:

    Mmmmm! Lovely prize!

  96. Made with triangular honey from triangular bees if my memory serves me right. Never did spot one despite lots of searching in my youth!

  97. CHRIS ROYLE says:

    nom nom nom, too much chocolate for me……. but can i have another sir

  98. Peak says:

    Everybody loves Toblerone. A timeless classic

  99. Helen says:

    Toblerone reminds me of holidays abroad and buying it at the duty free shop

  100. My favourite thing is probably what happens if I’m sharing. I’ll say “Oh, look, there’s a sticking out bit from my piece, on your piece. I’ll just nibble it off.” And 5 minutes of nibbling later; “Oh dear, I seem to have eaten you piece. Oh look, my piece!” xD

  101. kimmy393 says:

    I love to make ice-cream with it its so yummy xx

  102. diva1977 says:

    lush choccy

  103. graeme33 says:

    White Toblerone ftw!

  104. shailesh says:

    Once I have one triangle I can’t stop til it’s all gone, if I win I won’t be sharing!

  105. Amanda says:

    Never tried it myself, but a colleague says that wrapping a triangle of Toblerone in filo pastry and baking it is delicious (which it certainly sounds!)

  106. Carrie B says:

    My Dad is Toblerone mad. We used to buy it for him every birthday and Father’s day. I think that’s where I get my love of it from!

  107. lalala7 says:

    I always associate Toblerone’s with Father’s Day as that’s when we usually gave my Dad them. It’s funny how it always used to disappear into my mouth before Dad had got any Lol

  108. sdf says:

    Toblerone is THE best chocolate!

  109. Allan says:

    Love toblerone, always brings memories of Christmas

  110. Jane says:

    Remember when I had my first toblerone as a kid, had to share my triangle with my sister but it was lovely.

  111. Pam says:

    Love Toblerone,little mountains of chocolate.

  112. vfallows83 says:

    all i can say is yum yum!

  113. victoria48 says:

    Toblerones remind me of going on holiday when I was a child. My parents always used to buy them from duty free.

  114. Heavenly Harry says:

    I love to dip it in a hot cup of tea, letting it melt slightly before I bite of a triangle!
    Now I want one!!!

  115. Susannah says:

    Toblerone for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  116. essexgirlSE says:

    when we still used to go abroad – before we got our epileptic dog who we can’t leave – we used to go to Greece and buy a Toblerone and put it in the fridge then eat it alongside a chocolate milkshake with brandy and Baileys in (a Cheap Thrill – our invention) – cool chocolate heaven!

  117. antonia says:

    i do love Toblerone

  118. Andrew says:

    We visited the factory in Switzerland while on tour and bought a giant Toblerone which lasted for nearly a week!

  119. jparslow says:

    i put mine in the fridge then my children wont steal it as is its too hard lol

  120. A favourite memory of mine is shopping for Toblerone in Zurich – classic Swiss chocolate in its country of origin. Bliss!

  121. kiki_725 says:

    melted and poured over ice cream is how i would eat mine!

  122. Craig says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm Toblerone :F
    No one loves toblerone as much as me, I will fight you for it 😀

  123. Rushy21 says:

    I would love to win this!! We once raffles one at work I was very disappointed when I didnt win it .. I reckon I could devour it in a week!

  124. rhynogb says:

    sitting in front of the tv watching stargate sg-1 for a few hours with toblerone..can’t think of anything better to do with my time

  125. nicola harrison says:

    fab x i`d love to win x

  126. Nicole S. says:

    My brothers would sword fight with Toblerones and whoever wins got both!

  127. Norm says:

    I probably shouldn’t enter this… just had a root canal done and my mouth’s still numb… gotta love toblerone though!

  128. chickflickpop says:

    love this chocolate especially when your pregnant.x

  129. Sally W says:

    A really good thing about Toblerone was watching our 3yo son try to figure out where to start with it.

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