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sweet flour shop outsideI have been into the Sweet Flour cookie shop shop a couple of times now and I have to say the novelty fails to wear off. I don’t think it ever can wear off since this has to be the best idea anyone has ever had – design and bake your own cookie right there and then. Lacking inspiration? No trouble, they have a list of some customer favourites. Lacking time? No trouble they have some of the yummiest shortbread rounds and fudgy chocolate cookies you’ll taste anywhere.

The experience is really more than being able to buy just a muffin top and indulge your passion for the best part of a muffin. Yes, I am one of those people who takes the top off the muffin and eats it and leaves the base behind. My plate is the one with the muffin bottoms left on it, untouched while the top has been devoured. And not just any top – I like them hot and fresh with that slightly crunchy top that says it is both fresh and fully baked. That is sold close to the front of the shop in a lit, warm cabinet. Oh heaven!

sweet flour shop interiorThe experience is more than just selecting from their pre-baked cookies festooned on the cabinet to the side of the register where you can select some of the best cookies Toronto has to offer. It goes beyond selecting some pre-made cookie dough to make at home and it goes beyond all the delicious gifts they have. The real experience here – the heart of what it is about – the core of the experience that is Sweet Flour is the making of your own custom cookie.

There is an array of additions on offer. You can see the length of the counter in the photo above and you can see that there is a lot of cookie filling to choose from. There is dried fruit, different types of chocolate, nuts, smarties, and more. There is just too much choice but wait – you need to start by picking what *type* of cookie you want. Will it be a healthy-seeming one, a classic or something else? The cookie base will then determine your filling. Oatmeal with goji berries, blueberries and other superfoods? Yuck but whatever. I went classic – classing base, some chocolate fillings and watched it being made. Awesome.

sweet flour making cookie from choicesThe mix was whipped up by the expert behind the counter who then cooked it for the perfect amount of time before placing it on a special very icy cold block of marble. This cools the cookie so you can eat it, still hot but safe from hot melting chocolate. Still melting but not scald the mouth hot. This was DELICIOUS. Oh my goodness now I know why it was HEAVING each time I came in here. It was so delicious I wasn’t sure how I was supposed not eat another and another but getting to the end of the cookie I found that I was nicely satisfied. Miracle of miracles it was delicious and filling.

sweet flour choose your baseNot wanting to leave the experience behind, I bought some cookies with me. They have gingerbread to DIE for at the holidays. It is the right proper stuff and you’re going to want to buy lots of those little men. Much better than anything I’ve had from a supermarket and just right for the holidays. They have Chanukah and Christmas stuff but I don’t know if they do matzo cookies for Passover though they *do* do Easter cookies.

This is about more than just making your own lovely cookie but baking is the heart and soul of the business. I really highly recommend a visit there whether to buy ready-make packages of cookies or shortbread, choose a style of cookie someone else made or choose your own combination. It is just tons of fun – and yummy too!

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