Win a ton of Chocolate to Beat the January Blues

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chocolate winWell, it doesn’t weigh a ton but look at all that chocolate! Guylian, Thorntons, Chocolate & Love, Lindt and more are all there and they could all be yours! I have no idea how much it would cost if you went down to the shops to buy all this chocolate but given there seems to be over a kilo of it I am sure it wouldn’t be cheap!

I have had a terrible Year of the Dragon, having lost my grandfather, mother in law and almost my husband to food poisoning. Almost every white good in my home decided to break at the same time, I’ve gained weight and I didn’t get a discount on my annual train ticket to London which I have to buy for work. I know I’m broke, stressed and ready for the Chinese New Year when the stars will fly and hopefully things will get better (I am a trained Feng Shui practitioner and know both Flying Stars and Eight Mansions styles) and I assume some of you, my dear readers, are too!

I decided that given how dire my year has been, and how bad some of yours have been given what I’ve seen on Twitter, that EVERYONE needs a bit of a pick-me-up so what I thought I’d do was have a competition for everyone in the UK (this is so heavy I am fearful of what the cost would be for international shipping).

Leave a comment below about what you are hopeful for in the Year of the Snake (MINIMUM 10 WORDS) and for additional entries:

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The rules:
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3.Only available to UK mainland addresses.
4.No cash alternative available.
5.I reserve the right to exclude entries that I feel are inappropriate (for example, change the tweet or do not leave the minimum 10 words) or are not in the spirit of the competition.
6.Your details won’t be passed onto anyone else and will not be kept in any way.
7.I reserve the right to remove entries that I believe aren’t human created or are an attempt to gain an unfair advantage such as automated entries.

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255 Responses to Win a ton of Chocolate to Beat the January Blues

  1. Nickie Chapman says:

    I’m hoping for a year with no health problems – last year my husband, my dad, and I all ended up in the hospital for various surgeries. I just don’t have the energy to worry about that this year so here’s hoping!

  2. Cheryl M says:

    Like the previous poster, I am hoping for a year when everyone I love has good health. As a very greedy extra I would like to be solvent this year too, and not having to watch pennies!

  3. Maya Russell says:

    I have started keep fit classes and am looking forward to toning up and losing weight.

  4. Paul Vincent says:

    I’m hoping that my Dad continues his surge onwards into his 92nd year, that my wife’s parents have one of their better years health-wise, that my wife’s health problems show some improvement, and that our cats adapt to the changes necessitated by their kidney and thyroid problems. Oh, and that I continue to appreciate the love they all unfailingly show me.

  5. nikki hilton says:

    i am most looking forward to seeing my daughters again 🙂

  6. John Coughlin says:

    I am hoping for good health and good times for my friends and family.

  7. I’m hoping for a year with better health, more energy and more activity. Last year was pretty rough for me, I had a lot of ongoing health issues to recover from, but I like to keep busy and active as it helps a lot. I’m also looking forward to finding fun new choccies to review!

  8. Tracey Belcher says:

    I am looking forward to meeting up with some friends from Boston USA to sail with them – will be amazing

  9. Paula Fidler says:

    I’m hoping that my mum’s health continues to stay stable, that the rest of my family remain well and that I am able to put the stress and worry of last year behind me and be happy again.

  10. Tracey Peach says:

    I am hoping for a better year for my family & me as last year was just awful. Fingers crossed xxx

  11. Laura Harris says:

    Fingers crossed for a happy, healthy and fortuitous 2013, despite the unluckiest associated with it!

  12. Jack says:

    i’m hoping for a good year for my family, that we will become financially stable, that my daughter ha a great fist birthday and that I get a place in University ding the course i wanted

  13. Tracy Nixon says:

    To looking after myself more as I feel a little bedraggled!

  14. Rhiannan Sweet says:

    I am hoping for a year of tears of joy not sadness.

  15. kayleigh louise says:

    im looking forward to getting fit losing 2 stone and getting some amazing new summer clothes 2 show it off!

  16. Rebeca says:

    I looking forward to this year to find my inner strenght and give a good and positive shake to my professional life

  17. Andrea MacLeod says:

    I’m hoping that we will be able to get through the year with out worrying about money too much!

  18. Natasha Corder says:

    Would love it to be a nice easy year for me and my family. I would like everyone to be well and happy and to enjoy life!

  19. Glenn Hutton says:

    Cannot be any worse than the Dragon of last year!

  20. Jules says:

    There is no question, I pray every day for my mum’s cancer to disappear!

  21. Alison Joyce says:

    I’m looking forward my daughter finally learning how to sleep past 5 am! Plus I’m hoping joining weight watchers this month will see me fiting back into my clothes.

  22. eva says:

    not looking to be rich as will never going to happen but at list be happy and healthy with my family

  23. Sheila Bound says:

    After a few health scares at the end of the year I hope to loose weight and that everything will settle down now.

  24. Neil H says:

    To be healthy, wealthy and wise. But healthy and a ton of chocs would do 😉

  25. Alan C says:

    I am looking forward to a better year than last with a better paid job and a better work/life balance

  26. lucy says:

    I’m looking forward to our holiday in june maybe buying our first house (which would be AMAZING!)

  27. Barbara daniels says:

    eat more healthier, walk more and be more positive about life.

  28. miriam krutska says:

    im looking forward to see my parents after 3 years no see them. they in different country.

  29. Nimrat Mahil says:

    I’m looking for a positive year with no more stress and health problems for my family.

  30. C Hui says:

    Looking forward to a steady year ahead, minor improvements in health would be good, but stability is the main thing.

  31. Roseanne says:

    Seeing Kaiser Chiefs on tour, that means a good night out, a lot of fun and all my friends.

  32. kayleigh Dawn says:

    I’m hoping that this year it wont take me too long to reach my final stone in weight loss. Last year I lost 5 stone… this year I need to lose 13lbs more. This stack of chocolate may set be back a while!

  33. Sue Tyler says:

    I’m looking forward to my youngest son and his fiance coming home from Oz in March and my oldest son getting married in April.

  34. Joanne Mapp says:

    Last year was a very bad year for finances. My partner spent long periods out of work and every time some money came in, a bill bigger than the amount earned dropped on the doormat. I am hoping for a more stable financial year in 2013

  35. Im looking forward to my little boy growing up and hoping for a year that’s full of luck, happiness and good health!

  36. jane c says:

    im hoping for a year where my daughter can get the extra help she needs in school.

  37. I really want to find a job and help my family out financially – been a stay at home mum for 11 years and now kids are older I am really hoping to be able to get out more and earn money.

  38. Janice Davison says:

    I’m a snake and my mother is a snake and good things happen to us when it comes around. Anything could happen this year.

  39. claire says:

    now i’ve got my two youngest diagnosed with autism, i am hoping to learn more about the condition and how i can help them. i hope to get them settled into a good school and then i can start to relax and give myself some time for me.


  40. Val swift says:

    Looking for a happy and healthy year for the whole family

  41. anthony harrington says:

    I am looking forward to a better year hopefully, we have had a long run of very tough years and are hoping for a better year of the snake

  42. Carole Boyer says:

    This past year has been one of the worst in my 56 years. Had many major health problems, too numerous to mention. Partner lost his job of 32 years and worse still I lost my mum to Parkinson’s. horrible death. Am recovering from a lung infection which should be cleared by Chinese New Year. Here’s wishing for a healthy and prosperous one.

  43. Kieran says:

    I’m looking forward to moving cities for a change of scenery.

  44. Krzysia says:

    My other half just got a job after being out of work for a few years. He’s only on a three month trial but I hope it’ll become permanent so we can have some financial security for the future.

  45. Claire Long says:

    I am hoping to get pregnant this year, after a miscarriage in early december 2012, I know I’ll make a fantastic mum so I hope my dream comes true this year.
    I’m also hoping my mum will finally ger her double knee replacement operations as she is in a lot of pain and we have so many plans together (travel) but she finds it hard to get around right now.

  46. laura banks says:

    i’m looking forward to hopefully being able to go on holiday

  47. Heather Haigh says:

    I’m looking forward to better health (hopefully) and some sunshine (also hopefully). Also looking forward to spending time in the garden.

  48. Maxine says:

    Like many, am hoping for a healthy and happy new year with the extra hope that the roof stops leaking!

  49. AM Taylor says:

    I’m hoping for a year full of fun and sunshine with a rich sweet start and a lingering, melting middle. Hopefully I’ll get to the bitter end without getting bitten!

  50. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I’m looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun and my friend having a happy and healthy baby

  51. Laura says:

    I’m looking forward to starting Chinese New Year celebrations with a family meal and chatting to friends in Hong Kong. I hope the year of the snake is a good one, with great weather and happy times to look forward to.

  52. William Gould says:

    I’m looking forward to another year’s work load (I’m self-employed) so no need for any short term worry (touch wood).

  53. Mel Briscoe says:

    I have had the flu since New Years Day so I am hopeful for better health this year.

  54. Hugh McLaughlin says:

    I am looking forward to spending more time with my family now that I am semi retired

  55. Fiona says:

    I am looking forward to a year full of gorging on chocolate! Am also hoping we have a sunny summer this year

  56. Choclette says:

    I’m just hoping to feel better – have been coughing, spluttering and not sleeping for 3 weeks now – bah! Actually, I’m hoping for a stress free year, that would be sooooo wonderful.

    Fabulous giveaway BTW and I hope you have a much better year.

  57. Nicola P says:

    I’m looking forward to catching up with Echelon from around the world as 30 Seconds To Mars embark on a new tour with a new album. Can’t wait!

  58. Paul Wilson says:

    I’m looking to improve my health levels, reduce my stress levels and get back to doing a bit more exercise.

  59. Denise says:

    Looking forward to the Chinese new year of the snake as it starts on my son’s birthday, so a chinese themed birthday party/sleepover is kicking it off, then the year itself is full of special birthdays, my daughters 18th, mum’s 70th, so realy looking forward to what is hopefully going to be a fantastic year of the snake.

  60. Andy D says:

    I am hoping for a year of good health and fortune

  61. Sally Carter says:

    I am looking forward to my husband’s health improving enough for us to enjoy a short break later in the year. He has had pneumonia 3 times this year and is still quite weak.

  62. Louise Comb says:

    Well, apart from hopefully winning a ton of scrummy chocolate, I have sooooo much to look forward to this year. I have just moved from one side of the country to the other, with my wonderful hublet. We are starting over, and so far are completely enjoying our adventure 🙂

  63. John Tingay says:

    Hopefully I can lose a bit of weight during the year of the Snake, then the chocolate will be guilt free during the year of the Horse!

  64. caron warris says:

    i hope to get fit this year and would still like to enjoy a little chocolate now and again

  65. Barrie Phillips says:

    Happines and good health and as dark chocolate is a an antioxidant this would be a good start

  66. Laura Williams says:

    I am looking forward to new challenges, lots of good luck and most of all, lots of happiness for the whole year!!! 🙂

    Thank you!


  67. Lese says:

    I’m looking forward to having a healthier and happier year by losing weight and not eating junk. This is turn will make me happier if I lose weight plus I want to declutter as my house is heaving with stuff I normally need/use..roll on ebay, recycle, junkshops etc…lol

  68. Jay Scales says:

    I’m hoping my mum’s health doesn’t get any worse. She was diagnosed with a serious condition in 2012, so hoping she learns to cope with it a bit better this year, without deteriorating any further x

  69. I am looking forward to hopefully getting married to my long term partner

  70. wez stuart says:

    I’m most looking forward to making new friends this year

  71. melanie stirling says:

    I hope to get out and enjoy life more,especially visiting new places.I barely ever leave the house so I am determined this year will be different!

  72. angela sandhu says:

    I am hoping for the health of my family and friends

  73. Louise M says:

    I’m looking forward to a new healthy lifestyle, my outlook on life has changed a lot recently and this is going to be The Best Year Ever 😀

  74. mrs susan martin says:


  75. Rebecca says:

    The year of 2012 an up and down hill battle. I don’t think anyone found it easy at the best of times. This year, I’m hoping for a full recovery from Anorexia, as a sufferer for three years, my ex partner of six years decided to break it off with me, as she didn’t want the burden of my eating disorder. I just want to find my inner strength and beat this, and maybe come out on the other side, being able to help suffers just like me. I wish you a much better year, Judith…you most defiantly deserve all the chocolate in the world, you’re a true inspiration for strength.

  76. anna says:

    looking fwd to seeing my kids growing up and learning for another year, and to hopefully go on holiday

  77. emma weaver says:

    i want everything that went wrong last year to put itself right

  78. EMMA WALTERS says:

    im looking forward to moving into our new family home, with a garden for the first time. new beginnings!

  79. Deborah Munn says:

    I am looking forward to a holiday with friends in Spain.

  80. Louise says:

    I hope to finally get a full-time job again and get on with enjoying life again.

  81. Sylvia Witham says:

    I am hopeful that now I am recovering from chemotherapy I will be able to resume doing all the things I have been unable to do such as vacuuming, shopping and ironing.

  82. liz denial says:

    I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family up north thanks to my best friend Sandie being able to drive me there

  83. Rachel Sanders says:

    I’m hoping to get through the coming year without getting too stressed about all the things that I can’t actually change. I’ll stick to worrying about things that I can do something about.

  84. Hel Jones says:

    I’m looking forward to more family time. We were all ill over Christmas and new year, so want to make up for it with some quality time together

  85. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I am looking forward to my daughter starting school in the summer she’s just so excited about being a big girl.

  86. Ste Appleton says:

    I’m looking forward to teaching my budgie, Charlie, to speak. This will also be The Year of the Talking Budgie…. I’m very hopeful

  87. Heather Shaw says:

    This year i finish my MSc which will be exciting and then mum and i are off to the US which i am SO looking forwards to! SO SO SO EXCITED! 😀

  88. Ian Campbell says:

    To stop slithering around and have a hissing good time!

  89. Sally lea says:

    I am looking forward to my children blossoming into a successful adulthood.

  90. Allan Smith says:

    I hope for a better year by winning all this chocolate!

  91. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    I’m looking forward to selling our house in a totally stress free way (ha!) and finding our dream house to buy and move into, where we can create long lasting family memories

  92. Zachary Hudson says:

    Im looking forward to returning back to our flooded home this year

  93. Cheryll H says:

    I look forward to the whole of a bright, shiny New Year 🙂 I guess what I’m looking forward to the most is starting back at the allotment 🙂

  94. Emma Holness says:

    I’m looking forward to my second holiday with my boyfriend, to spending time with my friends and to the new series of Sherlock.

  95. Becky Downey says:

    We’ve been looking for a house to buy for over a year, may it come up this year. And a baby please!

  96. Jayne says:

    I’m looking forward to finally being able to live with my partner who is stuck dealing with family problems overseas.

  97. Nikki Stewart says:

    I’m not hoping for anything in particular this year, my only wish is that is more of a positive one than last year…it ended pretty bad.

  98. Lynne OConnor says:

    The same as many others, I’m hoping for a better year healthwise, particularly my dad’s cruel illness.

  99. shane weir says:

    I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family

  100. rupert summerton says:

    Starting new job tomorrow ,got made redundant at the end of september and looking forward to a fresh start

  101. katie skeoch says:

    I am looking forward to sorting out my work life balance!! It’s going to be a family year this year 🙂

  102. Hannah ONeill says:

    I am most looking forward to going on holiday in September

  103. stephen holman says:

    looking forward to a great holiday in the USA in april 🙂

  104. Melanie Gardiner says:

    I’m looking forward to getting back out on the allotment, lots of fresh air, hopefully some good weather so the veggies grow well.

  105. Jane Adair says:

    I am looking forward to taking my grandson on his first holiday abroad. (although I don’t think he is quite as excited as his grandad is!)

  106. Frances hopkins says:

    I’m looking forward to a very positive and happy 2013!!

  107. Stacie Pook says:

    I’m hoping to make some sort of big changes this year like trying to get my own place and getting myself fit.

  108. Amy Ripley says:

    For my family to be happy and healthy and to enjoy my daughter turning into a little girl!

  109. katie coup says:

    iam looking forward to eating and keeping healthy and def staying stress free this year

  110. Sarah Williams says:

    I look forward loosing weight and getting fitter, and spending more time with my family.

  111. Carolin says:

    I am sitting here waiting for my little boy to be born, my big boy just started nursery and is doing great and my marriage couldnt be happier, I am looking forward to every day with my little family 🙂

  112. Danielle Vedmore says:

    This year want no deaths or health problems in the family. I only want happy times like babys, birthdays and weddings! Here’s hoping!!! xoxo

  113. jack pillay says:

    I am hopeful that in this new era everyone on this earth will be fed and treated fairly regardless of colour or creed. A world where we can coexist peacefully.

  114. tamalyn roberts says:

    i am looking forward to my daughter going off to uni in liverpool and starting her new life as an adult! obviously am a little nervous and worried that i will miss her loads but she will only be an hour and 40 mins away from us. x

  115. di dilly says:

    I am hoping that the year of the Snake will bring an end to War and return our armed forces to their loved ones.

  116. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    A year full of optimism – hope, health and happiness are the key themes and I just have an inner good feeling about 2013


    After being made redundant in 2012, I hope that I find a new job.

  118. Nikki says:

    I am hopeful for a little baby this year. My very first.

  119. clarehardy says:

    getting my youngest into full time school live my life by the school run with three times a day up and down the road x x

  120. Kerry A says:

    Looking forward to getting fit and treating myself to some pampering facials & other beauty treatments….about time I started looking after myself!

  121. sandra henderson says:

    This year of the snake i wish to be financially secure,determined to accomplish my goals ,i wish for lots of fun and laughter,sunshine and good times.Good luck.

  122. pete says:

    hope for a lot less hassle at work and to make more of the opportunities given to me in life

  123. Carla says:

    This year I hope to start my own business – I understand that this will require large amounts of chocolate just to do the accounts…

  124. Martina says:

    I am really looking forward to my best friend having her first baby in few months – a mate for my little one.

  125. Ellie Lane says:

    I’m hoping for an “all clear” CT scan in march, then I can go on holiday to Australia to visit friends with a happy heart.

  126. Isabell Whitenstall says:

    I am hopeful that we will be able to holiday in next this year as we had to cancel last year

  127. Hazel Rea says:

    In this year of the snake I just want my family to be happy and healthy. Any other good things after that will be gratefully received but if you have health and happiness that’s the main thing.

  128. Bev says:

    Not particularly hopeful for anything, but a year without major illnesses, accidents and disasters would be nice.

  129. a keane says:

    i am looking forward to watching my little bump grow and meeting my little prince/princess

  130. juliette says:

    I am hoping that the snake strengthens the determiation to weaken the weaknesses threaded and helps deal with the challenges that are thrown at us by making us realise our resourcefulness

  131. Christopher Jones says:

    I am really looking forward to a family orientated year, we have just booked a winter sun holiday to Benidorm and we are going glamping in april, the older I get I realise that its not about the money or material things but the memories we make with those loved ones and what we leave them with when we are gone

  132. Julie Jones says:

    I’m looking forward to hopefully a year with no-one being ill, a decent summer for a change, and most of all the special delivery a new baby girl in the family in the Spring, I’ll be an auntie again.

  133. Catherine Gregory says:

    I wish to clear my debts and stop worrying about everything

  134. JULIE B says:

    To a year of happiness for all members of the family

  135. katie mackenzie says:

    looking forward to my cousins wedding in july and for the hospital to fix my knees in june 🙂

  136. Emily Hutchinson says:

    I’m hoping for a year with less stress and to earn a little more to afford the odd luxury, such as… chocolate!

  137. Michelle Watson michellew1 on twitter says:

    Some brilliant snakes from my breeding programme, a nice family holiday in Holland and a stressless year please 😉

  138. Diana Cotter says:

    I’m looking forward to finally dealing with the swamp in my cellar and the tree that’s growing in the chimney.

  139. winnie says:

    i’m looking forward to having a little me this year 🙂

  140. Tina Cleveland says:

    I want to see good health for friends and family and a cure for cancer

  141. Judith Allen says:

    I’m hoping my daughter will be successful in gaining her degree, I’m sure she will. And I’m going to try to develop and keep some strength in my legs, MS isn’t making that easy, but I’ve borrowed my parents’ exercise bike and I’m going to try.

  142. I am looking forward to a brighter year. I am going to stop making excuses and go for the things I love instead of finding ways out of it!

  143. Melissa B says:

    This year of the Snake I’m really looking positively towards the future; I’ve recently left uni so want to confirm getting my dream job (hopefully within the next month!), I also want this year to be super healthy and possibly start trying for a baby too!

  144. claire woods says:

    I’m looking forward to the school summer holidays. Now my son is 7 he’s good company to be with.

  145. Emma Howard says:

    I’m looking forward to watching my baby boy grow into a little man!

  146. Amanda Oakley says:

    Spending time with my family, friends and especially my husband. And eating lots of chocolate!

  147. I am looking forward to spending a few weeks in Wales this sspring.

  148. John Taggart says:

    I’m looking forward to the year of the snake because I’ve ‘adder’ bad 2012

  149. Lucy robinson says:

    It has to health first then happiness. Hopefully sprinkled with a little (or lot) of money to give the kids some new exciting memories. X

  150. John Martin says:

    I am looking forward to chillin out in North Devon and the lake district

  151. JOHN MEAD says:

    I am looking forward to going to America this year (if we can afford it) to see two of my Nieces get married within the same week in two different states!

  152. Agata P. says:

    I am hoping for some more “me” time, feeling very tired and really need some break

  153. Frances says:

    I’m looking forward to spending time with relations as we get together on our summer holiday. We always enjoy.

  154. Amy Harding says:

    Im looking forward to a year of fun filled activities with my little family. Laughing and loving life..and of course eating lots of chocolate!!!! 🙂 🙂

  155. andy says:

    would like to put on a few inches on my waistline

  156. janine says:

    This year i am determined to learn to drive and broaden my horizons

  157. Kirsteen Mackay says:

    oops I thought it said less than ten words…
    I’m most looking forward to progressing with my studies and extending my family and winning lovely prizes.

  158. Cheryl Kean says:

    Im looking forward to a weekend away with my husband, and if i can bring some chocolate! even better x

  159. Jo Young says:

    This year I turn 40 and although I’m dreading it everyone tells me life begins at 40 so I’m waiting in anticipation to see what good things come my way!

  160. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Since Snakes are said to be skilled at communicating, I’m hoping to improve my communication and open-ness


    what l am looking forward to most is…………………my holiday in the SUNSHINE

  162. natasha kahn says:

    January can be blue, so lets hope for happiness for me and you! My motto for this year is stay strong and be positive, health and your welfare should come first 🙂

  163. olivia kirby says:

    I am hoping for a pay rise for my husband, he works so hard and travels further than we would like for his job so this would sweeten the drive a little.
    I hope my son gets into the secondary school we have applied for.
    I hope I lose a bit of weight and succeed in drinking less wine!!
    I hope my family are all happy and healthy.

  164. Sarah N says:

    I’m looking forward to a short holiday later on in the year.

  165. judith eddington says:

    I would like to get fitter and lose some weight. I also wish all of my family health and happiness.

  166. Zoe Corbin says:

    travel and study and eat more yummy chocolate like this.

  167. Philip tuckwood says:

    Year of the snake, dancing on ice back on – how come Jason gardner’s name keeps slithering through my mind!

  168. fay cross says:

    I am hoping to find a perfect job, and find new chocolate to try.

  169. Gail G says:

    I’m looking forward to days when the sun shines. Perhaps it won’t rain every day next year!

  170. Steph Armstrong says:

    Looking forward to sunshine in the summer, healthy family and friends, time off work and great holidays!

  171. Greig spencer says:

    looking forward to going on holiday and my birthday. going to see mrs browns boys in november too

  172. Kelly Hirst says:

    Minimal sadness and maximum happiness is the only thing I’d really like this year 🙂

  173. Alexis Pettie says:

    In the year of the snake im hoping for better health, wealth and happiness for myself and my family! Id love to have a year filled with good luck for us as a whole and to become more financially secure! Im hoping that this year brings less hosital visits, it was like a second home for my family in 2012 and for the ability to take my mum away on more holidays and weekend breaks

  174. maddalena dalton says:

    hoping to have more fun and get out the house more

  175. Michelle Becker says:

    Going back home to Australia for holiday (Been 5 years).

  176. Eleanor Jones says:

    I am definitely looking forward to the year of the snake.

  177. vanessa kenyon says:

    Some good luck!!!
    I had a bit of a turbulant 2012, so trying to generate good vibes this year! 🙂

  178. nicola heap says:

    I am looking forward to a year of happiness with the bonus of a nice summer

  179. Susan Martin says:

    Spending time with family and friends getting healthy with walks

  180. Mike Ambler says:

    I am looking forward to Santa Claus – 12 months away

  181. Kirsty Fox says:

    I’m looking forward to my family holiday in the summer and lots of great walks and days out with the hubby and kids.

  182. Arabella Bazley says:

    I believe I am a Snake… is that good luck this year? I just want love and happiness for all, very simple but everything else seems to fall into place if you have that. xxx

  183. Vicky Robinson says:

    I am looking forward to spending time with my family & eating lots of chocolate!

  184. Izzy says:

    I’m hoping to be research enough about culinary school to be able to go in a few years! That and finishing my A-levels…

  185. tony houghton says:

    I’m looking forward to getting a lot more healthy, can only try

  186. deborah wheeler says:

    To sell my house and start a new life abroad

  187. Pat Stubbs says:

    A year of better health and less stress with a nice holiday for my children

  188. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Like a lot of others, I am hoping for better health for myself and my friends and family. And I also want to send out positive vibes for everyone to have a good 2013!

  189. Sheri Darby says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing a close friend who has recently retired

  190. Brenda Heads says:

    I hoping to keep up the exercise this year and see a further drop in my waist size.

  191. Claire Butler says:

    Family time !!! Hubby been forced to take a lower paid job. But although massive pay cut and stress of that. Upside is he be home when he says he will and so our son will reap the rewards.
    He ‘s just 5 and his Dad is his world so cant wait to do more things all together

  192. Lindy Hine says:

    I’m looking forward to doing more exercise, eating less “treat food” and more of the healthy foods – someone wave a Magic Wand for me please 🙂

  193. Mark Whittaker says:

    To see my partner gradually break free from his agoraphobia, he starting too but last year was hard

  194. Emma Jackson says:

    At the moment I’m most looking forward to a trip to munich in march, can’t wait x

  195. Eleanor says:

    I’m looking forward to using my free time more craftily! More stitching, baking and creating!

  196. Emi S says:

    I’m hoping that 2013 will be the year of good health for my friends, family and inlaws (posted too quickly earlier)

  197. Charley Foulds says:

    keeping positive about going to uni at the end of the year!!!

  198. Janet bagnall says:

    Hoping to find a small part time job, stay healthy and hopefully wealthy!

  199. leanne newsome says:

    I’m looking forward to giving birth to my daughter next month and have a great family year

  200. Clare says:

    The year of the snake is one of success and that is what I dream of (and the most delicious, decadent chocolate that makes you thin of course!).

  201. Susan Choco says:

    Judith, I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandfather and mother-in-law. I wish you and your family many blessings in the coming year.

    What I’m shooting for this year–I will complete my novel and get it submitted to my first-choice publisher, and I will finish the decluttering of my house, which I’ve been working on in slow sections for more than a year.


  202. emma dunn says:

    Im looking foward to a new start, new job and new me and lots of choc!

  203. Sarah S says:

    I am hopeful that some of the good feeling and positivity created by the Olympics in 2012 will carry over into 2013 and we will all be much less gloomy as a result.

  204. Christine Wales says:

    Looking forward to sharing a ton of chocolate with my family 🙂

  205. P Phillips says:

    I am looking forward to the birth of my first granddaughter who is due next month.

  206. Mark says:

    I am looking forward to lots of chocolate to share some with my family but mostly to eat myself!

  207. Puddingfairy says:

    For 2013 I wish, to help more people get great memories, sharing extravagant, surprising cakes and desserts, with family and friends, a pair of Crocs you can eat, a cheeseboard made out of rich chocolate sponge, a cake that’s actually a starter of salmon and cucumber, even books you can literally take a leaf out of (well, how a big bite). I am very lucky, so I hope I can do more for others this year. Make them laugh with yummy unexpected unusual treats. thats my wish. No very much the spirit of the snake, or a rat that I am….but then I always fancied being….a monkey! 🙂

  208. Mark Robinson says:

    I’m hoping for health and prosperity for my family and friends

  209. Christine sunter says:

    I’m looking forward to winning competitions this year – hopefully starting with some chocs!

  210. sian hallewell says:

    I am looking forward to the safe arrival of two new grandchildren, one from each of my sons wives bringing the total to four.

  211. aj says:

    I am looking forward to spending quality time with my son and my partner and us all doing lots of fun things togetherality time wit

  212. Emily-Jane Nelson says:

    Looking forward to Watching my beautiful babies grow up together

  213. Ali Roddam says:

    I’m looking forward to 2013 being a year of possibilities and adventures, starting with taking my Dad on his dream holiday to the Grand Canyon.

  214. clare leahy says:

    hoping for an improvement in health for both my mother and father, and hoping for luck for my son who is trying to join the navy 🙂

  215. Susie M says:

    I hoping all my friends and family have a great year but for me, I hope that I can get my business off the ground and end up a success doing something I love.

  216. Alison says:

    The year of the snake will hopefully see me get organised

  217. Angie Hoggett says:

    I’m looking forward to hopefully having good health, wealth and luck but most importantly that all my loved are happy and healthy.

  218. pamela gossage says:

    Had not good years for last few years, but this year is going to be my year

  219. SARAH JONES says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing my new baby daughter grow in her first year on earth, my 3 year old son is starting school and I am looking forward to our first holiday as a family of four

  220. Elizabeth says:

    I am hopeful that I will gain a First Class BSc (Hons) Life Sciences degree. I start my final module in 2 weeks and lots of chocolate = glucose = fueled brain for studying!!

  221. Kathleen Connolly says:

    I’m looking forward to receiving the chocolate!! 🙂
    If not I would love to get promotion at work, I’ve passed the exam just need to be successful at the interview stage.

  222. Emma T says:

    I’m looking forward to getting a new job, hopefully nearer home than the last one so I can still get to spend enough time with my rapidly growing toddler

  223. Kerry Lock says:

    I am hoping for a fresh start this year, I am going back to college to change careers to get away from the horrible one I was stuck in. Fingers crossed for the future!

  224. S Holmes says:

    I am looking forward to spending more quality time with my family

  225. sairz eastham says:

    A successful and prosperous year (hopefully) And finally getting my drivers license!

  226. tizliz says:

    going to see my new grandchild – who is half chinese!

  227. Kevin Laing says:

    My Daughter-in-laws 30th in April,my darling wife’s 50th in June, our 30th wedding anniversary in July and my son’s 30th in August,so I’ve alot to look forward to this year

  228. Kim Murphy says:

    I’m hopeful this year that I win a ton of chocolate 🙂

  229. Linda Bird says:

    Good fortune and good health, and hopefully a good lottery win!

  230. charlotte bendon says:

    I am looking forward to seeing my 5 month old growing up and all the different skills she learns every day x

  231. Sam Hardy says:

    I’m hoping for the safe arrival of our second set of twins in April 🙂

  232. Brenda Davies says:

    Am looking to find the courage to go through with my hip replacement

  233. emma perry says:

    I had a terrible 2012 what with a spinal fusion surgery and a rubbish recovery which is still pants! I’m looking forward to a (hopefully) pain free more mobile year with much better health and again hopefully getting back to work! Keep your fingers crossed for me people xxx

  234. Clare H says:

    Having a baby girl, who is due in March and enjoying some family times

  235. Laraine says:

    My daughter who lives in China is home later this year to get married, I am so looking forward to being the mother of the bride 🙂

  236. Jackie Foster says:

    Like an awful lot of poeple I’d like a reasonable win on the lottery to enable me to take some time off work to enjoy time with my family

  237. Jayne K says:

    Would love it if my son or daughter got around to making me into a grandma!!

  238. Janet Rumley says:

    I am looking forward to my Mother’s 70th Birthday – she has had health worries but she is now out of hospital and doing well – the whole family is planning something special for her.

  239. Anne Eames says:

    I’m looking forward to my son’s wedding in New Zealand!

  240. Alli Pratt says:

    For my cold to go away, to get my allergies sorted and start my own blog! A lottery win would be nice too ….

  241. Karen Lloyd says:

    I am really hoping to find a job that fits in with school times in September when my son starts school, I know they are very rare so here’s hoping. It would really take away some of the financial strain.

  242. Jenny Rogers says:

    I am hoping for good health for family and friends and better job opportunities for all.

  243. ClairejB says:

    I am hoping for a healthier, happier & luckier year this year! Am hoping to get into healthier eating habits and start a regular exercise regime. I am hoping to have more fun & find what really makes me happy in life & also to win lots of chocolate! 🙂

  244. Elena van Boolen says:

    i am really looking forward to a nice hot holiday as we didn’t had one in the last 2 years

  245. Natalie Henderson says:

    I’m looking forward to a year of happiness now my hubby is finally out of his hated job!! 🙂

  246. Scott Caldon says:

    Getting my weight back under 14 stone, so that I can improve my back problem

  247. Hazel Rush says:

    I’m hoping to conceive my first child this year after having a tough last couple of years with medical problems !

  248. Carmel Cheshire says:

    I am hoping and wishing for a lovely holiday in this Year of the Snake

  249. Oops, read that as maximum of 10 words! I’m hoping for a new challenge and to stick with my resolution of being positive – it makes for a happier life.

  250. Kelly Hooper says:

    Im hoping for my husbands arthritis treatment will work enough to actually get him able to walk more then 30 mtrs without extreme pain.

  251. Deborah Bird says:

    I’m looking forward to starting university (hopefully, i haven’t been accepted yet!) x

  252. Angela Glynn says:

    I hope that my efforts will be rewarded this year, and I will be able to enjoy more time with my family.

  253. sam bailey says:

    Im looking forward to discovering that i mean something, like you i have had some sudden deaths recently and lost both parents within 5 months of one another and not coped too well, have stayed in a bad relationship for the sake of it and not gotten my priorities right, so this year im determined to get it right

  254. Erin S says:

    ThisThe Snake in Chinese traditions is a good family provider and will always look after its own.
    I had a tough couple of years with my health and felt, at time, I could not look well after my husband. I hope the Year of the Snake will give me better chances to be there when needed

  255. abigail says:

    im hoping for a year where we dont have to worry about money

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