Charbonnel et Walker with Sipsmith Sam

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charbonnel sipsmithI could not believe my luck when my favourite spirits producer got together with one of my favourite chocolatier and had an event. I absolutely love the Charbonnel et Walker events because for £20 you get fabulous evening of drinks, more chocolate than most folks can finish and a discount if you want to buy stuff.

Charbonnel at Walker have had a few of these before and they have always sold out (at least from what I could tell from how HEAVING the shop was!). All sorts of chocolate lovers come together to experience a new alcohol like port, rum or vodka and spirits lovers come together to learn about and eat some great chocolate.

charbonnel sipsmithOn this evening I was treated to a delightful G&T. I am so very much *not* a G&T kind of girl – possibly because my mother in law was a generous soul when she was alive and that generosity extended to het G&T pouring and to the uninitiated it was perhaps slightly aggressive. I know the G&T is a favourite among slimmers but I just never got in to it. This G&T, however, I had 2 of. It was absolutely gorgeous! Probably because neat, Sipsmith Gin is one of (if not the) best gins in the UK. Granted I haven’t had many but it is lush!

Charbonnel et Walker produced their usual dizzying array of chocolates, finishing off with a brand new damson vodka chocolate. I think it could have had more vodka 😉 but then again that is me. There were eight different chocolates if I remember correctly including their popular orange sticks, rose creams, violet creams and more. Their pink champagne truffles are their best sellers and I adore them, always eating one when ever offered 😀

These events, run in the Charbonnel et Walker shop, are more than worth attending. At around £20, they are more than worth that for the drinks alone, but add to that the chocolate *AND* awesome goodie bag at the end, it makes it an irresistible prospect. Get yourself on their Facebook page and make sure you keep an eye out for the next one!

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  1. tizliz says:

    There are lots of advantages to living in the North of Scotland but the variety of chocolate is not one of them! Actually that is not really true because if you go to Durness which is in the very top north west corner there is a lovely chocolate place called Cocoa Mountain. It is worth the visit just for their hot chocolate – it is nearly a 2 hour drive even for me but I go at least twice a year.

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