Win a Box of Thorntons Continental Chocolates for Christmas [CLOSED]

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thorntons continental chocolate boxWell, it’s a bit late to get these in time for Christmas but in honour of Christmas and to celebrate the upcoming ONE HUNDREDTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Thorntons, I’m giving away this lush, lovely box of 350g of dark, milk and white chocolates! This box of Thorntons Continentals is full of lovely chocolate promise.

According to their site, it is worth it!  This box has two layers of luxury chocolates that’ll put a smile on the face of any chocoholic (or really anyone for that matter).  Full of dark, white and milk chocolate truffles, pralines and mousses and with Swiss, Belgian, Spanish, Italian and French influences, this perfect chocolate gift has something for everyone inside.

There are some exciting things coming up from Thorntons for 2011 and so let’s start the centenary off right with some Thorntons chocolates 🙂

TO WIN these chocolates, leave a comment below about your fondest Christmas memory, and/or leave a comment on Facebook letting us know about the best Christmas gift you got and/or follow and tweet “I’d like to win this box of Continentals  from @mostlyaboutchoc” and I’ll draw someone out of the hat on Boxing Day!

WAHEY! ***WINNER*** Jo – jochrisbryan has WON!

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30 Responses to Win a Box of Thorntons Continental Chocolates for Christmas [CLOSED]

  1. Sally Willcock says:

    I guess that had to be waking up on Christmas morning 2006 and realizing that we had a little boy now and Christmas was going to start being a whole lot more fun – and it was, and has been ever since (we now have 2 little boys, so twice as much fun).

  2. amelia says:

    Getting matlida on video for xmas 🙂 never forget it it made me cry hehe

  3. donna baxter says:

    I have tweeted the comment @dmbaxt and already follow xx

    My fondest Christmas memory is the colouring book & crayons my sisters and I all used to get as a present from mom & dad every year. We still ask mom now where our colouring book is – I’m 34!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone xxx

  4. pinksy100 says:

    My fondest Christmas memory was the glam of the late 70’s and early 80’s, unwrapping all those classic toys!

  5. Sitting all around my Nans room with my 8 cousins and all of us taking turns to open 1 present each! slowly and in the order of age it took over 3 hours!! lol for 3 presents each lol. Amazing such good memories so miss that!

  6. jools40 says:

    I remember waking up on Christmas morning when I was about 4 or 5, looking out of the window and seeing a thick white blanket of snow covering everything. It just seemed magical, I was even more excited about that than opening my presents.

  7. hoopie says:

    mine is when my eldest child was just old enough to understand about santa and just the little details of leaving the mince pie out and him getting excited are memories i’ll cherish forever.

  8. bigmumma says:

    my fondest christmas memory is my son on his 2nd christmas squeeling on opening up every present even if it was a box. the excitement was just so infectious, and will live with me forever. He’s now 19 so not quite the same.

  9. Alison says:

    My sons first Christmas, he was only a month old but it was magical seeing his little face

  10. coversnail says:

    Mine is just being really young, and every year would wake up and would wonder just how long I’d have to wait to get up, and what was the earliest I could wake up my parents without them being annoyed!

  11. inspiron42 says:

    My children’s exitement on Christmas day.

  12. jay says:

    would love to win these to give my wonderful mum

  13. jay says:

    My fondest memory was going to Florida with the family.

  14. pigtails21 says:

    My fondest Christmas memory is my little girl coming down aged 22 months. She saw all her presents first, and then just said “Can I have breakfast first please”. It was done in the cutest voice possible, and made me realise I have the most perfect princess..
    I’ve followed on twitter and tweeted.

  15. Jo says:

    My best memory has to be my first family Christmasaged 30…yes 30.
    I grew up in a home of Jehovahs Witnesses, Christmas was not celebrated and I spent years feeling wistful and envious of the joy it seemed to bring.
    I left as a teen.
    I was also infertile and spent many years without children in a pretty bad maariage ironically to a man who hated Christmas.
    I met my now husband and we fell in love fast and went straight for IVF.
    It worked!!! Twins, so our first Christmas I had two babies gazing at the tree, my heart was so full of real joy.
    Hubby also did me a stocking as I had never had one, I was like a child and yet had my hearts desire of children. The best ever memory.

    Sorry long story.

  16. Linda Hine says:

    My best Christmas memory was of when I was little and I got the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Miniatures Dispenser Machine in my pressies. It was my ultimate dream thing to have!

  17. Erica says:

    Christmas with my 3 year old – he was so excited and delighted with everything.

  18. feefeegabor says:

    Christmas 2001. I had my daughter on the 2nd December so it was wonderful having this new little person around – despite being totally worn out!

  19. Robyn297 says:

    My fondest Christmas Memory was 3 years ago, the first Christmas my husband and I had as a married couple, we’d only been married about 3 weeks and everything was still so new and magical, was fantastic.

  20. elvy106 says:

    When I was little it was a tradition to be woken at Midnight and taken downstairs bleary eyed to open our presents. We used to walk into a wonderland with snowy footprints (Talc) everywhere and half eaten pies (Santa). We would have an hour of frenzy then back upstairs to sleep until morning when we would wake covered in our new things. Lovely memories 🙂

  21. My fondest memory was going to bed on Xmas eve when I was about 5 and coming down the next morning to the pressie I had wanted from Santa (he must have heard me). I didn’t think I would get it as Mum had been telling me Santa didn’t have much money this year but he must have got some from somewhere as I got my Big Yellow Teapot (the toy of he 80’s lol)

  22. dancer2712 says:

    I always received an annual and a packet of spangles. My mum sadly is no longer with us but I look back with such fond memories

  23. HAzel says:

    My fondest Christmas memory was the year my son was 3 and my daughter was 9 months old. My son got into my daughter’s cot and helped her unwrap her stocking presents.

  24. MissT says:

    My fondest Christmas memory was when i spent Christmas in Uganda, East Africa. Christmas isn’t so commercial over there. They still know the true meaning of Christmas.

    Spending Christmas with the whole family. Eating good food, washed down with drink, sharing jokes, laughter and memories.

    Moments i will treasure forever!

  25. Paula says:

    My fondest Christmas memory is being at home with my mum, dad and brothers and having a wonderful, noisy family Christmas.

  26. Jo says:

    Thanks so much xxx

  27. Goldie Ochoa says:

    My fondest Christmas memory was the year my son was 3 and my daughter was 9 months old. My son got into my daughter’s cot and helped her unwrap her stocking presents.

  28. Lalune says:

    My fondest and I suppose silliest memory of Christmas was waking up when I was about four to presents at the bottom of my bed. And among those presents was this wooden duck. It had wheels and a string so I could pull it along. The wings moved when it got pulled. How I loved that duck!!!

  29. mhoc says:

    My mum always put our presents out on the sofa in 3 piles for us three girls. Sadly she did not believe in putting labels on any present so we always ended up with each other presents so you can imagine the strife that caused! I make my own Christmas gift tags now and as I make them I think of my mum.

  30. Sandy says:

    Exceptional submit. Noticed that especially helpful. Will probably keepcoming back again for improvements.

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