After Eight Thin Dark Chocolate Mints Review

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After Eight Thin Dark Chocolate MintsWhat has happened to my favourite chocolate mints?  I used to love After Eights because of the mint fondant in the middle.  It was a thin, almost runny mint fondant.  I loved biting in to it and separating the two sides of the chocolate and enjoying the mint fondant.  This technique is only possible with a loose, fresh mint fondant.

For some reason this year, the first two boxes I have tried (finished off by husband) have both had a harder, less runny fondant tasting slightly stale.  It is as though they changed the recipe or the supermarkets all over had so much extra stock that no matter where I went it was all old.  The change in the consistency of the fondant means I have to *chew* the After Eight rather than letting it melt slowly in my mouth.  I am sure this does mean the After Eights do hold their shape better in variable temperatures and possibly in transit.

I don’t know what’s up but it isn’t my own changing tastes that has robbed me on my After Eight pleasure but changes to the fondant centre.  It is a shame as I have always enjoyed scoffing then while sharing the box but the way these boxes have been have meant that I have lost the pleasure I always associated with them.  I have eaten a few but the pleasure is gone. “I’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’….”

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  1. coversnail says:

    I had some at Christmas and they definitely tasted a bit stale and chemically, the fondant way pretty runny though from what I can remember, perhaps there was a bad batch last year, or two years ago, not quite sure when this blog post is from!

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