Soma A La Taza Hot Chocolate To Make At Home Review

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Soma A La Taza Hot Chocolate DrinkI love Soma’s chocolate and having met the passionate owners Cynthia (a seemingly endless powerhouse of knowledge and enthusiasm) and David (a quiet, intense chocolate perfectionist and creative genius) I’m even more in love with them.  When I was lucky enough to go home at the start of December I managed to sneak some hot chocolate and a few bars back (OK… over a kilo of Soma chocolate :-D).  This is one of them.
Soma A La Taza Hot Chocolate Drink in pot
Now, this hot chocolate is made up of large and small chunks of chocolate in a foil pouch.  While you can get larger containers these pouches I chose were single serve.  You add a pouch to a half a cup of boiling water.  Yes, you read that correctly– you add the CHOCOLATE to WATER 😮

Soma A La Taza Hot Chocolate Drink mixing to a thick consistencyAnd it WORKED!  I followed the instructions exactly.  I boiled water, added the full contents of the foil pouch to it and whisked for awhile and the scent of the hot chocolate was amazing! There was cinnamon and allspice scenting the chocolate and in time it turned thick in the pan.  With WATER.
Soma A La Taza finished hot chocolate drink
So instead of serving it in shots, I poured it into my chocolate mug (pre-warmed with boiling water then dried) and got my spoon from the Paul A Young Easter Egg and dug in!  I have to admit, there was probably slightly too much spice for me but that is not necessarily a bad thing for all.  It is made in a traditional way just like you’d get in Barcelona and boy would it be perfect for dipping too!

Yes – it is real chocolate and it’s made with water and it is absolutely fantastically amazing!

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