Thorntons Sicilian Lemon Merangue Cookies Review

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thorntons lemon merangue cookieThe smell of lemon is the first thing that hits you as you open the bag in the box.  That and the HUGE size of these cookies.  This is the fourth kind of cookie in the new range of Thorntons biscuits (cookies).

The lemon is quite pronounced and it seems to have been slightly enhanced in the mixture but that isn’t really detracting from the cookie itself.  The base cookie is a fairly standard cookie dough which has had added to it a lemon flavouring and white chocolate covered meringue pieces kind of like a reverse lemon meringue pie.

Mmmmm… piiiieeeeee…. *drools*

thorntons lemon merangue cookieWhile this is a hard cookie, it didn’t seem as hard as the triple chocolate chunk cookies.  This means its extra thickness doesn’t impact on teeth 🙂 I had trouble tasting the meringue in the white chocolate but did find it less sweet than the praline cookie.

I’d buy these for a party!

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  1. David says:

    These cookies are awful – just tried a box from Sainsbury’s. They are hard, tough and pretty tasteless. Not enough shortening, and need some chunky pieces of chocolate and meringue. Not at all like a lemon meringue pie. Your review is too kind. Do not buy these.

    • Judith Lewis says:

      I do mention in the review that they are hard but not as hard as others. I did try the whole range and this wasn’t as hard as others. I think I dipped it in my tea too. I think I disagree with tasteless though – were the ones you got old maybe? Mine were definately lemon – they did have a flavour but again – I tried them last year so maybe they changed the recipe?

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