Valentines Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Dome from Paul A Young

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valentines domeI am possibly the world’s biggest fan of Paul’s sea salt caramels. I have even written a GUIDE TO EATING SEA SALT CARAMELS. Sea salt caramels from Paul’s shop have a delightful balance between Madagascan chocolate often giving a slight cheek-tingling acidity and sea salt caramel full of flavour without being too sweet.

So when I got this dome, I almost ate it before taking any pictures. I mean, look at this thing. It is a tower of sea salt caramel glory and with a heart on top – what more can you ask for? Well, perhaps more than one – but I digress…

valentines dome openThis dome has a solid milk chocolate heart on top. I checked that first. I mean, no one knows where additional sea salt caramel goodness might be hiding, right? Then I cut into the dome itself – on an angle so I was less likely to lose any of that delicious caramel goodness to the plate. Not that I wouldn’t lick it pff but.. you know… then you’d all know 😉

The chocolate is thicker than in the smaller domes for structural integrity (thank goodness) meaning you get more chocolate to masticate or just simply allow to melt in your mouth as the sweet caramel oozes through the hole you’ve made (or, if you follow my guide, none will be lost 😉 ). This is easily eaten by one person. I don’t recommend sharing. In fact, I recommend hiding it, then removing yourself and it into a secure location so you don’t have to share. I mean, that’s what Valentine’s Day is about, isn’t it? Not sharing the things you love…? 😉

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  1. S_n_S says:

    I wish I could eat one of these! Some yummy!!!

    This might interest you! Another chocolate fan!

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