Valentine’s Day Treats

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Valentine’s Day TreatsRight – this is it folks. We are at the day before Valentine’s Day and you NEED to make sure you have some chocolate and flowers and jewellery and cards or some combination of the aforementioned traditional Valentines treats.  Now, most of what I have covered off is actually already unavailable but the popular high-street names of Godiva and Thorntons.

Thorntons is very popular as a high street chocolate brand. Even as the years have gone by, the popularity of Thorntons seems undaunted. The competitions I have run with Thorntons chocolate have always been the most popular. So it is unsurprising that Thorntons have come out with what will probably be some of the most popular chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  And you still have time to rush down to a Thorntons right now and pick some up. Just go and find some and you’ll find these ADORABLE little boxes of love.

Valentine’s Day TreatsThese three small boxes are just perfect with three chocolates each inside. Get one of each for a perfect suite of cute chocolaty numminess. The three options I got were the classic champagne truffle, the strawberry and champagne truffle and the continental viennese truffle.  These were all traditional Thorntons flavours (slightly sweet but still lovely) and because they are Thorntons you know what to expect flavour-wise.  You also know you can trust Thorntons and that most shops will have all three of these boxes today (and likely tomorrow too) so that you can grab three last minute miniatures with that bunch of non-roses. It’ll sex up any bunch of flowers and since it is a variety you can make a little basket out of them by adding something she loves or a bit of jewellery in a small gift bag or open basket.

Valentine’s Day TreatsThere is also the option of spelling out how much your love means to you with one of their boxes of message truffles.  Not only will your love had a very special card with your personal message, it’ll be shaped like lots of little chocolates 😉 The message chocolates are wonderfully delightful and while they are all the same flavour, who cares? What is going to matter is that you cared enough to spell out a special message of love to the one you love. Mine were sweet but still nummy.

Valentine’s Day TreatsGodiva has long been looked to as a more posh version of the high street chocolate. Godiva are constantly innovating and coming up with new types of chocolates in new styles and new flavours and they’ve come up with these new Mont D’amour flavours that are available either in a cool clear plastic branded sleeve or in this cute little box and they are nummy! They are slightly sweet but I tried the ones I was sent with coffee and WOW. I certainly appreciated the fact the shells were not too think! The Cassis Marron was way better than I expected as it includes chestnut and yet it was delightful with the cassis. The Green Tea was actually a bit sweet but I think someone just trying out a green tea chocolate will find it strongly flavoured and so perhaps more flavourful and less challenging. The Fraises des bois was sharp and tangy and the real gold made it a super winner. The Fraise was delicious and *extremely* strawberry to the point I swear I got seeds stuck in my teeth – WOW! And the noisette citron was fun and really different for a lemon mousse. So you know this is going to be both appreciated because it is Godiva and delicious because they have done some great things with these chocolates.

So hurry – take your lunch hour as a rush trip to your local Thorntons or Godiva and grab some of these chocolates and make a splash tomorrow!

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    Dear Judith,

    My name is Anto, I work for company named Yimor from Bosnia and Hercegovina.
    If you could help me with one thing – do you know who produce – which factory in Austria a chocolate for Aldi, Lidl, Rewe… Could you send it to my mail


  2. Nikita Gould says:

    Great treats for valentines day. Pretty much an awesome way to provide people with ideas about what to give for valentines day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bianca says:

    That’s a great idea! Wish I’d seen this before Valentine’s Day though 🙁 . Oh well, might try it for the next occassion!

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