The Chocolate Cafe 70 Premium Dark Chocolate

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the chocolate cafe 70 dark chocolate barI had the opportunity to meet one of the people behind the Chocolate Cafe at Chocolate Unwrapped.  I was also lucky enough to be given two very different bard of chocolate by them to review.  This is the first one I tried (Manchester Tart is for later).

This dark chocolate has a wonderfully fine grain which makes me think it was a long conch time.  Absolutely delicious but without my favoured fruity, acidic edge, this is a gentle dark chocolate bar.  Not at all bitter, lovers of sweeter chocolate will also love this bar.

I’m really enjoying the way dark, 70% and better chocolate is leaving behind its over-roasted, bitter past and companies like The Chocolate Cafe are creating these great bars.  I love to pop a square into my mouth and just let it melt.  There is no bitterness, no graininess and it has a delicious finish.  I think my next batch of brownies should be made with this!

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