A Sweet Chocolate Bathroom Suite

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Bathroomsweets.com full suiteAs a chocolate lover I follow other chocolate lovers on twitter so I was intrigued by a fellow chocolate lover being invited to the launch of a bathroom. It sounded odd but after the solid chocolate hotel suite really nothing surprises me these days. I was able to find out a little bit more after more elements of bathroom suites started showing up in others feeds.

Apparently Bathrooms.com noticed that people tend to make a common misspelling when looking for bathroom suites and that misspelling inspired a partnership with Choccywoccydoodah to create a bathroom sweet made entirely of chocolate.

The reason this whole thing was undertaken is because of the inability of people to spell. Yes, yes, I know that your phone, Word, your browser and even Google correct your (Word just advised me that the preceeding word should be “you’re” so it isn’t always right) spelling but what if you’re spelling “feat” as “feet”? Both are correct and yet have utterly different meanings. The same thing goes for “sweet” and “suite” – two words with completely different meanings and yet according to the Plain English Campaign’s top 10 spelling mistakes it is the third most common mistake made. While I can understand it, to me ‘sweets’ is something that is delicious and ‘suites’ is something completely different.

When you see something like this, most companies would shrug it off and just accept that Google will correct people and deliver the correct search results. It does anyway if you check https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=bathroom+sweets so there’s nothing really needed for someone selling ‘bathroom suites’ to worry about. Nothing to do unless you want to grab a few headlines (and a lot of tweets it seems) that is so the people who had this brainwave went off and created the world’s first bathroom suite constructed entirely of chocolate making it a ‘bathroom sweet’ (get it?). Of course Choccywoccydoodah had a regular series of TV episodes about the amazing wedding cakes they made for people with sculpting chocolate so who better than people who have already made gravity-defying sculptures to make a sweet bathroom suite?

Bathroomsweets.com bathtubAvailable exclusively on BathroomSweets.com (yes, it *IS* for sale), it is suggested that unless you’re having a party no one should attempt to consume the entire suite in one session. The full sweet suite would contain 50kg of Belgian chocolate. FIFTY KILOGRAMS OF CHOCOLATE! If only it was made and stored somewhere we could all have a flash mob party 😉 On the serious side of things, Choccywoocydoodah worked extremely hard to ensure the chocolate bathroom suite was actually structurally sound. At 50kgs it actually isn’t an unreasonable weight but it is significantly heavier than most bathroom suites due to being solid rather than hollow. The bathtub, for example, was designed so that you could lie in the bath without it collapsing.

If you do decide to buy it (remember this sucker is for sale) how do you keep it without it going off? Chocolate only lasts for about a year so that means that you’ll end up with a stale 50kg stash of chocolate of you try and keep it. Also it could bloom, melt or worse! Bloom happened when either the sugar is drawn out by moisture or the cocoa butter and separates. Sugar bloom is grey and cocoa butter bloom is off-white. If you put melted chocolate in the fridge it will shock the chocolate causing bloom and improperly tempered chocolate separates and blooms as well.

The sweet suite can be kept at room temperature for years, and an added layer of varnish would preserve the chocolate even longer though obviously you couldn’t then eat it.  Choccywoccydoodah do give some advice saying that it would only melt if left in direct sunshine, by a radiator, or came into contact with hot liquids – so a champagne bath would be fine. The correct temperature for champagne is 6 degrees Celsius if you are wondering. If you want your champagne at the correct temperature only store a bottle for an hour or so in the fridge before serving to avoid it being too cold.

In response to a strange bit of analytics insight and the desire to get a bit of buzz, Bathrooms.com has created a rich chocoholics sweet dreams chocolate suite. Hopefully after reading about this amazing chocolate bathroom suite you’ll never mix up ‘sweet’ and ‘suite’ ever again (although you won’t need to as Google’s got your back 😉 ).

Online shoppers looking to buy a new bathroom suite are incorrectly spelling ‘suites’ as ‘sweets’, the third most common spelling mistake in the Plain English Campaign’s top 10 spelling mistakes. While I can understand it, to me ‘sweets’ is clearly something that is delicious and ‘suites’ is clearly something completely different. I just don’t see how you can mix it up but here are the top 10 most misspelled words:
The Plain English Campaign’s top 10 spelling mistakes include:
1.    Heard / herd (a problem when on safari I’d think)
2.    Racket / racquet (don’t go into sports – or music)
3.    Sweet / suite (could be a not-so-delicious mistake)
4.    Navel / naval (omphalocentric people will know)
5.    Profit / prophet (I feel like one particular prophet was against too much profit)
6.    Chilli / chilly (I’m not going to your restaurant)
7.    Feat / feet (avoid civil engineering)
8.    Mail / male (probably confused by the term ‘mailman’)
9.    Not / knot (no sailing for you people!)
10.    Pause / paws (animal lovers will know I’m sure)

Ian Monk, CEO at Bathrooms.com said “As a consequence of shoppers searching for ‘bathroom sweets’ we decided to answer their search literally. Our very own exclusive chocolate bathroom suite, based on our Maderno range, was initially a bit of fun, but once we realised it was possible to actually make we knew we decided to buy Bathroomsweets.com and list the product.  We’ll be checking out emails very closely from today!”

Choccywoccydoodah said “When we heard people were searching for ‘bathroom sweets’ and the concept of creating a bathroom made of chocolate we couldn’t say no to being involved.  We’ve made lots of things out of chocolate, but never a bathroom, so this will be a challenge and we look forward to our first order.”

In response to Bathrooms.com’s Google search ‘suites’ spelling confusion, Steve Jenner, Media Officer at Plain English Campaign explained “People often spell phonetically if they are unsure of a the correct spelling of a word and the confusion between ‘suites’ and ‘sweets’ highlights this.  There are quite a phew of them, and the mane thing hear is to bare in mind that genuine miss steaks are easily maid.”

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  1. This is hilarious – really enjoyed this read. I thought Google managed to interpret things even when you didn’t spell correctly … what a novel way of capitalising on a mistake 🙂

  2. Have people been touching it? Even if you had a need for 50kg chocolate, this might put me off.

    I’m quite amused from an SEO point of view that Bathrooms dot com decided to leverage this common misspelling!!

  3. Urvashi says:

    Some of those drive me up the wall. Great campaign to maximise common input mistakes though. Good on them for initiating something unique.

  4. Bonkers. Completely bonkers. Looks realistic though!

  5. Katie Bryson says:

    So funny! Never been a fan of a brown bathroom suite though – especially toilets 😉

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