Sunday chat with chocolate chip cookies

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I’ve been arranging my next visit to Toronto and going through the reviews and video footage I still have left to post and edit from my last trip.  I guess the trouble with that sort of thing is that I get a ton of material all at once and because I also have a day job and on holiday I’m visiting friends and without image and video editing programs, I am restricted in what I can do.  So you’ll notice that next week seems to be Toronto chocolate week.

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I’ve already got a review of Stubbe Chocolates up as well as an interview of Daniel Stubbe who is wildly cool and has a total chocolate pedigree few can match (6th generation chocolatier!) but I have to redo my review of Soma chocolates as my first experience was less than ideal and my second visit was much, much better!  I have some amazing video footage from their factory where they turn their beans into bars.  I’m so hoping I can get a bar of Soma’s Chuao chocolate as I absolutely loved it to bits.

I decided to ignore husband’s demands I not bake any more chocolate desserts and make cookies.  That difficulty in finding rolled oats makes me thing I should also do oatmeal raisin cookies but then I started to miss peanut butter cookies which led me to reminisce about both Canadian double stuff Oreo’s and my mom’s singularly amazing butter tarts.  I would gladly kill for more of those. I also love my grandmother’s shortbread which needs to mature for a full month before you can eat it.  I kid you not.  It was like TORTURE when I was a kid!  My mom had the coolest cookie cutter made from wood with a stamp for the top of each cookie and different shapes for the holidays.

I’ve had a cold this week but still tried to push through. What did I learn? Chocolate is flavourless when I have a cold/flu. Not cool.  I hope you had a better week than I did.  Did you try any new chocolate? I have a terrible habit of sticking to what I know…

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  1. Had a fab week, thanks.

  2. JudithLewis says:

    Did you try any new chocolate? I really that it rocks that you are getting active. I’m always trying to fit it in and something always gets in the way but as the bikram yoga place is next to the office, I was thinking that might be it!

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