Southbank Chocolate Festival on Now

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Trapped in Toronto as I am (and loving it) I am unable to attend the Southbank Chocolate Festival happening right now.  This is always the *best* place to get chocolate for gifts and I’ve watched people like Outsider Tart sell out and various other chocolate shops sel out so today or Saturday are your best bets.  Grab something yummy off the Choc Star Van for a real treat!

This is an *outdoor* chocolate festival so dress up warm.  There is an outdoor theatre to watch demos in but one thing I will warn you of is the crowds.  Because this isn’t a destination there is a lot of passing traffic and so you can find yourself crammed in with a ton of other people trying to buy something and being shoved around.  That’s just the way it is and I can imagine for the sellers it is both hell and heaven in the winter 🙂

Why not drop by? It is almost right next to the tube and so you’ll only have to walk a short distance for some of London’s best chocolate from the likes of William Curley, Damian Allsop, Rococo Chocolates, Hotel Chocolat (get one of those fruit and nut wreathes and I’ll share it with ya!) and more!

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